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Using the Law of Polarity for a Positive Mindset

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What is the Law of Polarity

“Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything
has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same;
opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree;law of polarity
extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes
may be reconciled.”–The Kybalion.

The law of polarity is in everything and it is above and below, it exist in that which we can not see and that which is right before our eyes. At our level we have a basic comprehension of negative and positive, light and dark, black and white, good and bad. However there are many levels to this law. There are levels that are lower than ours which we see in the animal kingdom as very simple and minuscule, yet there are species, beings and even ascended humans that see our stage as that of an ant.

But as it be, we all are bound to some form of polarity no matter where our existence is in this universe.

How does the law of polarity effect us?

Understanding how polarity effects our world and in turn us, is akin to wanting there to be light in a room. If you want a room to have more light, you do not sweep or push away the dark, that would be impossible. One must simply let in more light.

The law of polarity says that everything has it’s energy , and it is of the same nature however of different degrees of polarity. For example the changing of white to black or vice-versa. There is no degree in the changing of the 2 colors that is void of any color at all. In order to make black you add more color, in order to make white you subtract color, unless you are dealing with light spectrum, which is the opposite but much the same concept.

Opposites are identical in nature but different in degree – this takes some understanding of things that are opposites. For example a light is not the opposite of black and good is not the opposite of hate. These are of 2 different natures. However by altering the degree of some of these “things” you can effect other things around you. The opposite of Light is dark, Black to white and love to hate, you see where we are going.

However even with love – love is something more. Love is the definer of hate, hate is just a lower degree of love… Because all there really is is love. Or perhaps we can go even further to say that love and hate are all part of divine love. This is where we get into a higher understanding of love.

The Law of Polarity and positive thinking

Now let’s get into positive thinking. Remember the analogy of wanting light in your room. It is much the same way. You can not just get rid of negative thinking, because there are no voids in the universe, to say, that there is no place for nothing. Even in doing nothing we are doing something.

So in order to use the law of polarity for positive thinking we need to fill our thoughts and our souls with that which is positive. There are many methods to fill your thoughts with positivity not just through your thoughts but what you eat and who you are around…

But there is a trick to all of this. Understanding the rhythm of things which we will get into in another post, can help. In between the poles of things is a definite rhythm. Issac Newton’s law reflects this, “Any action has an equal and opposite reaction” So understanding this we realize that our negative thoughts or negative actions will lead to the opposite. We feel this. It is like a pendulum swinging back and forth all the time.

If we allow ourselves to be controlled by this pendulum then we are controlled to a lower level of causality. You can not ignore this law, it exist but you are not allowing yourself “emotionally” to swing back to the negative on this pendulum. Always allowing the opposite positive swing to push you up… That is seeing the negative for what it really is and understanding that the back swing to the degree of negativity will be related to its positive upswing.

What methods can I use to change my polarity to the positive?

Doing meditation, and almost visualizing yourself on the positive end of the pendulum is a great way to remain in that constant state. Also, practicing Markebah meditations, surrounding yourself with light, and audibly sensing changes in vibration when you are in a positive state will help you become more sensitive to your own vibrational signals.

Spend some quiet time meditating so you can truly hear the rhythm of your heart, clear your mind and listen to your vibrations. Understand the energy that flows through your body in negative and positive states. That way when you feel yourself slipping you will be able to visualize and overcome the negative and remain in the positive.

Remember for every reason there is to feel sad or down there is a reason to feel up or happy. Focus on the up and happy because the universe wants us this way, we are on a mission of love, light and peace through our ascension and we all need to get there together. Once you realize that the power is within you, you will need nothing else for your spiritual achievements.

Now go out there and BE SOMEBODY!

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