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Understanding Bad Patterns and how to Fix Them

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What are bad patterns?

Patterns are part of everything, they exist within universal bodies as well as  the smallest molecules. In nature there are really no bad patterns all is a set cycle which nature follows. However, people like you and I, find ourselves in patterns that lead out side of the natural order of things. Don’t worry, it’s no big deal this is how we were created.

The patterns that we pick up in life stem from many causes. Upbringing, society, culture as well as our spiritual and religious attachments. Patterns are not always bad and are not always good. Like in polarity they range from different degrees. However when patterns cause harm to you and stop you from obtaining your bigger picture or higher self that’s when its time to rewire mental blocks and triggers.

How do you know you have a bad pattern

Some patterns are very easy to spot, and we usually know what we are doing and feel bad about them. For example have you ever said to yourself, “Why do I always forget to pay my bill on time?”. If you know it it’s time to change it.

The patterns that we usually don’t catch is the patterns that make us feel good initially but usually leave us feeling sad and or miserable in the end.  Staying in the same industry or work, eating the wrong types of foods, dating the same type of guy or girl over and over again.

bad patterns in work

You see the pattern? We stick with certain jobs because its comfortable and its the only thing we know. We eat unhealthy because donuts are tasty and we sometimes don’t realize what they are doing to us, we get into relationships with the same type of person over and over again because that’s all we know and there is an excited familiarity of them.

But what is the outcome usually, overworked and underpaid, overweight and unhealthy, broken up and broken hearted. The pattern has a commonality to it, comfort and lack of knowledge of something else or better. When we fall into patterns we are choosing to do something that is comfortable to us and that we understand. That is why people who come from homes that are highly volatile and abusive sometimes feel more comfortable in relationships like this. \

How Do we break The bad Patterns

We can only learn how to break these cycles by unlearning the things that brought us there. Also by stepping out of our comfort level and choosing something different in our lives. And quite frankly these things can be totally unrelated. For example if you have a pattern of not paying your bills on time, you can fast to break that cycle. Or if you find yourself eating to much bad foods you can change the type of music you listen too or seek different types of knowledge that you are not use to.

The are all related in the sense that we are doing something drastic in our lives for change, we are putting our mind to something that is going to change our life in some way shape or form, and in the end other things will fall in place.

Here are a few things that you can do to break bad patterns.

  1. Meditation – yes we know we always speak of meditation but it works for just about anything and helps start of the vibration of change. If you can control your mind, you can control your body and you can control the world around you.(Types of meditation – Silent meditation, walking meditation, zen meditation, Mindfulness meditation, Mantra meditation and many many more) find out whats right for you
  2. Eating better – and this works for all of the above symptoms that we spoke of. Food plays a very important role in our energy and how we think. Try a plant based diet or switch it up some. We tend to get caught up in a pattern of unhealthy eating and it makes us more complacent in life to choose to stay in situations that do not serve us.
  3. Fasting – I suggest a 3 day dry fast, if you can. To abstain from food, detox and get to the point where you no longer want food. Fasting also changes your perception both figuratively and literally. You understand what you really want in life and feel better. The challenge is amazing and a great confidence booster when you accomplish something like this.
  4. Read and learn – Just read anything different, it could be boring, exciting, scary or funny. Reading changes our brain frequencies and it is so much better than watching TV because your brain is actively working.
  5. Go into Hermit mode – sometimes w just have to get away from everything, “sorry nothing personal guys, but i really do need to asses my life around me”. This can be the best thing for your personal growth, as you will get to know yourself better and learn to love yourself a bit more. Remember always look in the mirror. If there is something that you don’t like ‘fix it’ as best you can. If you see something that someone else doesn’t like then don’t fix it.
  6. Find different friends – most of the patterns that we have come from social triggers, are friends are like little consciousness walking around telling us what to do and what not to do. If you find yourself not going any where or falling into bad patterns t may be time to get some new friends.
Be Somebody!

Hope this helps if you have any questions please comment down below and let us know

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