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The Five Stages of Ego

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According to Jung, the ego represents the conscious mind as it comprises the thoughts, memories, and emotions a person is aware of. The ego is largely responsible for feelings of identity and continuity.

~ https://www.simplypsychology.org/carl-jung.html

Understanding of this basic concept of ego, we have the initial understanding that ego is what helps us navigate the corporeal realm that we live in. It gives us the idea of having a place and purpose to continue to keep moving on. However Ego, like everything else in the universe, has substance, it is malleable, It can evolve and transmutate.

Understanding the ego and what it is, can allow one to understand itself, as well as the stages of other beings around it.

For example, if you are a parent or a teacher, you can see the stages of Ego evolving in a child, especially in ones own child, where you are in close proximity physically and emotionally to the child over it’s entire growth process.

The stages of ego are very apparent in just about every creature and perhaps even “non”- living things. Mastery of understanding ego and it’s stages allows one to see where they are in life/existence as well as understanding the stages of others in relationship to themselves.

The Cultivation of Ego

Ego birth

Our break from the female womb is the break from a past reality, as that of a fetus. Our entire lives were spent in this place, this was all we knew. It gave us warmth, nourished us, comforted us when afraid, this was our true reality.

Our only real interaction in the womb was that of the sounds of a heart beat or blood rushing or the muffled sound of the mother talking. Then there was the chemical interactions which were the biggest part of our existence. That kept us alive.
See Plato’s Cave Allegory

Now imagine that break from that former reality. You would have the basis for some basic communication or survival but only that which our mother gave us. We are still connected to some things of that former life of ours, however in order for our survival in the next world, would mean the continuous breaking away from past connections, moving on to something bigger. And our growth is wholly due to the evolution of Ego.

Ego-Centrism (Awareness of Self)

Once the break from womb occurs we begin our journey into understanding the next phase of our existence. We Begin our “I” stage in existence. We are still in a way connected to mother. The familiar chemical world is still very much active in our lives. For example oxygen is still being fed to us through our belly button before the umbilical cord is cut or the fact that we are bathed in a mother’s oxitocin which gives us a survival bond with them.

As we become familiar with our place in instance, the inside of the womb is not in control of our movement anymore. And our hands and feet are free to move. We finally see our hands and feet and realize that this is us.

We become only about us at this part. Our eyesite is shallow, and can only see 8 – 15 inches in front of us. That is the relative size of a new born. As we qucikly begin to grow our site becomes better and we notice a mothers face and hands.

Because she is there, she becomes part of us. That is until we recognize space, that distance between objects which seperates “us” from “them”. Once this realization is made then we are now different frome them, and so starts our next stage of learning

Ideo-Centrism (Awareness of Other)

Ideo-centrism can be the relationship and conection of the first stage Ego to that whcih is closest to you.

In life the things that are closest to us are the things that keep us alive, sane and free. Oxygen, food, mother and unbeknownst to us God. But, the jest is, that we realize it’s relation to us and the benefits of having it around while at the same time realizing its space from us.

Our family group becomes the most familiar things to us and the world outside is alien and does not exist. We either become protective of our family or engulfed by it, for this is the only world that we know.

However there is a darker side. In a family in which someone is tortured, abused or oppressed can be problematic, because without knowing what is on the outside world one starts to believe that their way of life in the family is the norm.

It is not until they, and this is in alost all situations, become fully awre of the outside world, they start to know society and become familar with it in a way that they have found a place in society to connect with .

Socio-Centrism (Fitting In)

Religion, politics, social or cultural clubs, lifestyle are just a few of the many areas that we tend to connect with, not just that perhaps you have made a few friends that are highley into Manga or cosplay.

For some reason you just connect with this group, because just maybe like our birth in which clung to the essence of your mother, the new group had a similar background as you and you just get each other.

The connections of these groups allows us a familiarity with the outside world… while at the same time introduces us to different ways of thinking, seeing and doing.

Multi-Centrism Awarness of Other Societies

This is where you begin to reach out and connect with other cultures on a deeper level. Not just traveling and eating their food, but really connecting on a level of empathy to a degree in which you become an adopted patron of that society or culture. This can be religious culture, racial culture or gender.

Ego Multi-centric

Your social life plays much a part of this. You may have had someone in your group that even tho shared the same ideas about life, or had the same hobbies or field of study, may have been of another culture, religion, or background.

Some who achieve a higher state of Multi-centrism have been noted as being accepted in another culture, adopted as one of theirs if you would. The Multi-centric stage will become empathetic of the plights of other cultures on a much deeper level, because you are more culturally connected them.

As easy as this may sound, it is quite difficult do to barriers. In the past we were bound by physical barriers. We were unable to travel long distances, or wars separated us from traveling, or walls stood in between us an them.

We are not less limited, but are at least open to the curiosity of other cultures through the internet. As far reaching as the internet is, it is not the answer to reaching higher stages.

In order for us to be truly multi-centric we must eat breath and sleep, other cultures lifestyles. That is the good the bad, the ugly, the mundane and extravagant alike.

Media/internet has not only used algorithmic barrier s to stop us from being empathetic towards other, and highly regulates the type but has created an environment of fear of others. A digitally enhanced xenophobia one could say.

However once one opens themselves up, connects and becomes empathetic to many cultures. Then a whole new world of understanding invites itself to him.

In understanding others comes a wisdom of how things work

Geo-Centrism Awareness of the Whole

An awareness that we are all the same. You have a keen eye on the bigger picture. It is almost an understating of how the entire world works together.

Sadly most people that have broken into this area are those that are in it for material gain, diplomats, business tycoons, the wealthy and the warlord. This due to access of resources to travel, obtain and learn.

However there are those change makers in the world, that when they transcended the centrics, practiced understanding they became patrons for global change.

Malcolm X, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Mother Teresa. These few people outgrew their previous battles of Race, Gender, Religion, Class, political and Economic fights, to act outside of Ego and understand humanity as a common being on a global level.

They all met their demise, due to the fact that people with that amount of understanding with a gravitas towards peace and unity and global uplifting can not be bad for business.

What is the Next Triumph of Ego

Perhaps the next stage when we finally overcome the barriers of humans. We can overcome the barriers of our planet and the universe.

In order for us to move forward we all need to move forward. We leave no one behind.

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