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What is Spiritual Balance and Life Balance?

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Spiritual balance and life balance are an understanding of being content in your material world as well as your spiritual world. Think of this balance as an integer chart, if you are too far too the left then you are buried in material, if you are too far to the right then you’re head may be in the clouds and are unable to complete your duty in this world.

Chakra Spiritual balance

1. Mind, Body and Soul

Spiritual balance Рto understand how to achieve spiritual balance in life, we have to first understand what elements in ourselves we have to work on to get to that place. Remember balance is found within not without. Our entire presence on this earth is made up of these three simple things. Mind, body and soul. Think of it like this, It is our body which feeds our mind. So therefore we have to treat out bodies right. There is multiple research that states that the way we eat, play and exercise effects the mind in a multiple amount of ways. One such example is that when one works out there are certain endorphins that are released into the body which creates a state of positive well being and overall happiness and euphoria.

The mind plays an important role in connecting body with soul. Wisdom, contemplation and meditation is that which makes the mind connect to the soul and that which allows our bodies to work good deeds and do the things that we need to do.

Connecting the soul to all of this is connecting our corporeal selves to the eternal collective of spirit. The more that we are connected to true self, the more we are connected to the collective consciousness and the more we can achieve spiritual balance and life balance.

2. The soul of the music of life

Let’s have some fun, I’m going to use a metaphor for understanding how mind, body and soul plays a role in your total balance.

Imagine your life as music.

Your body represents a CD player. If you want your soul to radiate that music you’re going to need a pretty good CD player, no dust, well taken care of, all the nobs and buttons are in working order. It’s much like you’re body in the sense that everything has to be working to the best of its ability to play that music. This is your body balance.

Your mind represents the CD that you put into the CD player. Let’s say your true passion in life is to be a holistic doctor, this can be represented by Beethoven (one of my favorite composers). If this is so then you wouldn’t want to throw Kendrick Lamar or a Heavy Metal CD in. Just like a CD your mind is just made up of data. Therefore to live your life to your true life’s purpose you have to put in the CD that you most want to represent the life you want to live. This is your mental balance.

Your soul represents the music that comes out of the speaker. Remember, soul much like music is seen as an intangible thing. But it effects everyone and anyone and the volume at which you emit your soul resonates much further than you think. Your soul is the music that your body resonates and your mind creates. This is your Spiritual balance.

So when your physical and mental are in order, one has the ability to spread the music of their soul in the best way possible.

3. Fine tuning your soul to spiritual balance

For those of us that understand music we know that it’s not just about putting a CD or an album on a player and blasting your soul music loudly. It’s about being able to fine tune that so that when you “live out loud” it sounds just as good as when you are living within… get it?

So how do we find the equalizers to our soul music. We find internal balance.

  1.  Chakras РWe have energy grids running through our body. In physiology these can be represented as glands, or endocrine system. There is a direct correlation between the endocrine system and chakra. By understanding both of these and energizing these through eating and meditation one has the ability to connect the spirit to the physical.
  2. Diet – We, especially in the west have a wide variety of food and food sources. However some of these food sources may not be the best for our physical, mental and spiritual well being. By choosing foods which help our mind body and soul we can get closer to a balanced life style. When we lived a natural lifestyle based on necessity this may have been easier to achieve. however now we have problems with choosing foods that are natural that do not destroy the natural fauna of our system.
  3. Exercise – When speaking of exercise, we’re not just talking about going to the gym or running. We are talking about utilizing your body in this world to be part of it. Your body is part of this world. When you feel and see the freedom of what your body has the capability of doing in this world, it not only has chemical effects on your existence, but also spiritual and mental ramifications. by pushing yourself to excellence in a world that has physical limits, you become more confident as well as your brain releasing chemicals that help you to become more confident and content with life. These are the things that will help you be your best self and exceed a balanced existence.

To sum it up we are made of three. Three is the magic number for completion. Once we get our 3 in order then we see the benefits of existence in this corporeal realm that in essence is connected to an invisible string to the heavens and tethered to our minds.


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