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Tumbled Grade A Citrine – Healing Crystal, Metaphysical Healing, Chakra Stone


$5.20 $4.30

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  • citrine sacral chakra stones
  • Stones are approximately .5 – .75 inch long
  • This listing is for a Singular Grade A Citrine – Please Allow for slight size, shape and coloring variations as no two are alike
  • Please Note: It has come to my understanding that these types of citrine along with what is most widely available on the market are in fact heat treated amethyst. 100% pure and natural citrine gets it’s coloring by its natural composition containing aluminum and lithium whereas amethyst gets its color by containing iron. True natural citrine is more of a pale lemon yellow in color with a slight greenish tint and will never have the amber, orange or brown coloration within in it. While there has been great debate as to wither or not this product can be considered citrine or not and for me that lies in the thought of wither you consider citrine a color or a stone. Regardless I wish to help promote the knowledge among all as to what is actually being purchased. This is not to say that you will not receive healing benefits from these items however the benefits will more closely align to that of amethyst rather than an unheated citrine. I personally urge you to do the research yourself and upon making your selection choose what resonates with your energy.

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