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The Inner Smile: Increasing Chi through the Cultivation of Joy – Mantak Chia


Have you really looked into yourself I mean really looked into your body, deep down inside and smiled upon it and said “thank you!” So often we forget about our bodies, we may feed it well, work out and self care, but have you ever had the ability to look inside and thank every organ for what they do and smile upon them? Mantak Chia’s “Inner Smile” teaches us to do just that. Do yourself  favor and smile upon your body.



the inner smile  mantak chia

Mantak Chia inner smileA guide to the foundational practice of “smiling to the organs” to promote deep relaxation and internal health

• Presents exercises that dissolve the physical and mental tensions that can cause energy blockages and unhealthy chi flow

• Shows how to recognize illness at its inception on the organ level and how to balance the emotions to heal it

The Inner Smile is a practice that focuses gratitude and joy on the internal organs to resolve the physical and mental tensions that can lead to illness. In Taoism negative emotions–anger, sadness, depression, fear, and worry–are seen as low-grade energy that causes chronic disease and steals our major life force by creating energy blockages. Master Mantak Chia shows that the internal awareness produced by the simple yet powerful Inner Smile meditation practice flushes the organs of poisonous negative energy that may be blocking chi energy flow in order to nourish the entire body.

Just as a genuine outer smile transmits positive energy and has the power to warm and heal, an inner smile produces a high grade of energy that promotes powerful internal healing, deep relaxation, happiness, and longevity. Smiling to the organs and thanking them for the work they do helps to reawaken the intelligence of the body, which, once activated, can dissipate emotional imbalances and inner disharmony before serious illness manifests.

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