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Practicing The Inner smile

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The Inner Smile is the ability to shine happiness down in ones own physical being. This can be accomplished by forms of meditation or merely just imagining your consciousness smiling down through your body.

In one of our last article, 8 ways to get rid of bad karma we touched upon how speaking good words can help in clearing up the bounce back or the return of karmic behavior. In that section we spoke of a study done by Masaru Emoto and his studies of the effects of sound and words on water crystals. Effectively how water forms perfect crystals when positive words were spoken to them.

Whether or not you believe that this is a feasible or viable experiment is no real concern here. But to speak more from socio-behavior one can agree that the effects of speaking kind words to friends, family and strangers can and most of the time have a positive effect on them.

Have you ever genuinely smiled at someone, for no more desired outcome other than being nice and spread joy to another human being. Rarely is this action ever met with fear or anger or malice. And most of the time it leads to a person feeling a bit better throughout the day.

man smiling

They say that you catch more flies with honey and that positive reinforcements are more effective than fear and anger.
Side note: anger and hatred diminish one’s spiritual energy and even though it may be effective, it is only temporary. Love which is on the opposite end of the pole actually replenishes spiritual energy. (Just some food for thought).

When we do something outwardly we are looking for some type of outcome or evidence that we have done something, an effect as you would think.

Then why don’t we do this for ourselves? This is a bit different than self love as so many people are throwing out there. This is more or less of thinking as your body as an entity which is separate from yourself, from your ego, from your soul. the body with or without us believe it or not can exist. But it is our minds that keep it going.

Our Bodies are only receivers that are on the same frequency that pick up on the ethereal source of SOUL, which is one. (But don’t worry about that that it for another discussion.)

Now if we can fathom that our body is of some distance from our consciousness or soul, then this may make a bit of sense.

We tend to misunderstand and take our bodies for granted. That is, our body and everything that makes it up is running a thankless job to an inconsiderate human mind, in which the souls connection becomes weakened.

There is a Taoist philosophy that explains this very well, and if not for this I would have not even thought about giving consideration to my bodily functions. I would have merely gone on in life blaming McDonald’s and being tired after work or age as just a blameworthy part of life.

However in the Universal Healing of Tao Mantak Chia explains the Inner Smile. In which one engages with, speaks with, thanks, smiles down upon and shows gratitude to ones own eternal organs.

This is a practice which I believe should be followed by everyone not just those who are sick but the healthy alike.

In Mantak’s studies via Taoism, each organ has an effect on ones emotions and each emotion has an effect on a specific organ. Respectively each organ also has a specific sound associated with it for each emotion.

inner smile positive organs positive words

By understanding the correlation of all of the above one can communicate with each organ. Speak the organs language to say the least. If you want to know more about this check out one of the many books dedicated to this subject. I like this one for an introductory

Howe ever without getting to deeply into the alchemist understanding of sound and material. We can still practice the basic concept of this. Use this concept in your morning mantras by respecting ones body and showing gratitude for the basic to the more complex functions. Once you began to be aware of your body and appreciate it, you have set the stage for physical development.

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