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Online Auction House – Case Study #2

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BNO.com a live online auction house utilized secondary sites in conjunction with RTB retargeting platform Adroll to hyper target and create marketing funnels for online live auction sales.








Case Study
• Increased web footprint
• Self-hosted media placement inventory
• Boost in SEO and links
The Challenge
Bid Network Online was a small fish in a big pond. The challenge was to work around competition like auctionata.com, ebay.com and quibids.com to target and create hyper qualified markets. SEO and ranking were not enough in getting conversions in the early stages.
The Solution
Create secondary websites based on high search low competition keywords, purchase new domains or pre-existing domains (High PR Rank) and get those domains ranking within a short amount of time. After domains ranked for specific products that the company was selling, that would determine a priority for the upcoming auction on main site. Retargeting pixels were placed at the creation of the secondary sites and those clicks were placed in those related segments. Paid AB tested retargeting campaigns were run alongside top funnel campaigns 2 weeks before auction with different messages.
Registration campaigns were also set up with secondary sites for email campaigns for constant contact and auction notification. Websites were set up on different servers, with independent social media handles and original content and were real websites. Each website had social media followings of at least 200 followers and could be used to announce upcoming auctions.
Secondary websites would help boost the page ranking of the main site and allow and advocacy for BNOs online mission.
The Results
Several of the secondary sites ranked in the top 10 of google, ie www.auctionsupplypro.com which ranks #4 on google for keyterm “auction supplies for sale”. Company was able to grow a large segment of 10k plus visitor per vertical they were selling. PR rank of site moved from pr 1 to pr 3 within a few weeks. Number of backlinks went from 5 to over 200. Laser target sales and a turnkey fool proof paid ad campaign system.

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