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Oculus Quest Review – Tech Meets Spirituality

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The Oculus Quest, made it’s debut mid may this year, and it totally flew under the radar. Unless you are like me and hoping for VR to be the next best thing. We piked one up and have to say that I was really impressed. Top takeaways, better field of vision (FOV) and totally free of wires and and outside gear. So you’re free to move about the cabin as they say.

Oculus Quest Review

So you may be asking yourself, “Why is a spiritual wisdom site, reviewing Virtual reality gear like the Oculus Quest?” Well before we were delving into existential thought and crystalogy we were a review site for virtual reality. However, the genre seemed to be dying out. But now! it seems like there may be hope!

First off, Oculus has been really working and doing it’s due diligence to listen to consumers. Some of the problems with virtual reality has been fixed with Oculus. For example, that little motion nausea has been figured out. But the biggest obstacle is un-tethering from a CPU when using the goggles. Which is a huge win for Oculus.

Let’s jump into the perks of Oculus shall we. After Facebook bought Oculus it seemed as if they were on this quest to make it into something beautiful. But most likely they felt that like Instagram, it was going to have an impact on their bottom line, unnecessary competition. So let’s just buy them!

Now that Oculus has a benefactor they have been able to make jumps in the advancement of VR.

Oculus Quest Mobility

So we’ve already touched upon this. But outside of being able to wear the headset anywhere without looking foolish or running into things, you at least can wear it in any room in the house office or public bathrooms.

The Quest is not tethered to anything and makes for easier game-play and plug and play. This is unlike any VR headset out there, outside of attaching a headset over your mobile phone. Which just isn’t the same.. yet!

Oculus Field of View (FOV)

We’ll just compare Oculus to Oculus on this one as Oculus has been known to have the best FOV on the market.

However the FOV of the Oculus is a bit vague when trying to dig into actual specs and numbers. The only reference that is given is a comparison between the other Oculus goggles.

  • Rift FOV: baseline
  • Rift S FOV: “slightly larger than Rift”
  • Go FOV: “slightly larger than Rift”
  • Quest FOV: “equal to Rift”

However after using the headset, it doesn’t seem more or less and isn’t very discernible between the others. One thing that Oculus says is that it depends on the shape of the users head. I have a huge head so maybe it’s less?

Content and Games

So far there are not that many games for the Quest and this has been a growing concern. Many programmers and content creators have pulled out of content creation for VR for the simple fact that, the producers of the headsets seemed in a standstill when it came to fixing some of the initial problems.

Currently it looks like there are less than 100 games for the headset. But if the headset can hold up to criticism and make some sales then there can probably be more.

Games range from $15US to about $30US. But we have not gotten into realistic environment content yet. Most of the games are cartoonish, bubbly and color pop. I don’t think VR is quite there yet.

Some notable games are: Beat Saber, Rec Room, Vader Immortal: Episode 1 and Superhot VR (my Son’s favorite.

Oculus Quest Price

Good news, the headset is getting a bit cheaper which means that there is a chance that we can buy this without getting too much buyers remorse.

There are 2 price points.

This is about the same as a current game console. but if you are leery about getting bored or not having enough content on the set, I suggest maybe you pass on this one, and wait it out.

However if you’re a go! On this then you can purchase it today on Amazon, probably get free shipping and have it in a few days, for plug and play.

Overall Thoughts about the Oculus Quest

I think it’s good. I couldn’t quite give it a 5 star yet, because I am waiting for the day that VR will really take you into another reality where you loose all senses and as addictive as Instagram.

The lack of games and content as well as the quality of them is a big factor as to why I can’t bring myself to saying 4 and a half stars. but with time this will get better.

Keep on pushing Oculus… We’ll get there!

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