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Marketing for Mobile App – Case Study #1

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Mobile App Case Study – Further.la’s mobile app “Love Power Up” Reaches 125k people with controversial ads and well placed media.

It was a simple app that promoted the sharing and receiving of love, the brainchild of Matt Fortnow who worked with Furthr.la to make his idea a reality. With well-placed banner ads, a controversial video and influencer cooperation the mobile app concept reached 175 thousand people in just a few short weeks.

Case study summary
• Youtube driven campaign to invoke emotion and sympathy over current events
• Video featured Kim Jung Eun and Barak Obama in a supposed nuclear stand off
• The campaign sparked controversy and in return 175 thousand reaches and 9,000 app downloads
The Challenge
Furthr.la wanted to do something quickly and memorably to promote an app that was free on the app market and was something of a niche for people who were all about love. The team was a small team of 5 that had an even smaller budget. Since Furthr.la or LovePowerup app was such a new company something great had to be done to get the mobile app out into the market in a big way.
To kick it off, the team came up with a video campaign that exemplified LovePowerup’s goals. The controversial video would feature the new Prime Minster of Korea’s Kim Jung Eun and Barack Obama in a nuclear standoff both ready to press the button to world annihilation.
The added challenge in this was creating a virality of the content in a way that would reach the maximum number of people in the shortest amount of time.
The team used contacted influencers from Maker studies as well as Lisa Ling, a well-known journalist whose sister was kid napped by North Korea to post, share and comment on the video. Contacts were made with the Facebook App development company Kudos Media to place small banners of the video on mobile and web based apps.
Each placement was backed up by a link to the app’s respective web and mobile landing page.
• 100 thousand youtube views
• 1000 youtube views within 24 hours
• 5000 click through via facebook app banner ads
• 9,000 app downloads (google play/apple store)
• And hundreds of awesome “WTF” comments

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