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What is a Spiritual Awakening? An explanation into enlightenment.

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What is a spiritual awakening What is a Spiritual Awakening

A spiritual awakening or enlightenment has for the most part been explained as the understanding of what is real or corporeal and what is non-corporeal. Levels of higher consciousness have a deeper understanding of how the spirit relates to the material. With elevated levels of spirituality one claims balance within themselves and to a greater extent, of all living creatures and then universe.

Understanding the material and spirit and how they play their part together is the catalyst of finding awakening. When we relate ourselves as a living breathing being, that is made out of flesh, bones, matter, atoms, we place ourselves in a small spectrum of what reality really is. We tend to leave out the why and only relate to the what. “What am I”, not “why am I?” Things that we go through are not as easily explained at this point. For example, “why can I not find happiness even though I have everything that I have ever wanted?” “Why do I want more?” “What is this burning desire in my stomach to want more?” and, “What is that more that seems so unattainable?”

A spiritual awakening allows one to see beyond the man made and material borders and perform that which is to do that which is man’s highest quality; to pull from the universe’s wisdom and create and make things better. Spiritual belief is that we have allowed ourselves to get trapped into the delusional physical realm and we have become unbalanced in our quest for higher self. Many religions and spiritual higher people believe that this world is an illusion and temporary at best, therefore one should work on self and spirituality to perform his works in the world.

The Spiritual Mind

What is it that connects us to our spirits? Our minds are the glue that connects spirit to body. Through inspiration we have built flying machines, skyscrapers, crafted fire and pushed our bodies to the limit. Yet we have lost the exploration of our eternal soul, perhaps because we can not see the fruits of our labors yet. The mind connects us to our body and our soul.  Being able to interact with this world is only a small part of the picture.   The mind allows us to pull from divine inspiration and go create. When the mind is connected with the real and the spiritual world a much deeper understanding of the why and what becomes easier to comprehend.

When one adheres to a lifestyle of the physical, spiritual and mental one finds that balance that allows them to be content with everything. Things that befalls you will become mere experiences, lessons to be learned from to move on to a higher state of consciousness. The good that one receives will also fall into place as that which is to be grateful for without fear of loss or consternation. That is, I can live with or without it, but I am grateful for it none the less.

Spiritual Awakening and Religion

Depending on what religion or background you are, may have an effect on when and how your spiritual awakening may happen. For some, being in a religious organization can hinder ones growth or it can greatly increase their growth. What matters is you. This is always the determining factor of enlightenment. Awakening and higher consciousness is subjective yet effects the collective. Jesus, Moses, Muhammad, Buddha were enlightened people, and their understanding of the universe and their connection with God allowed them to raise the awareness and consciousness of those around them, not for themselves but for the betterment of the collective, selfless. Now what humans have done with the religions there-after has greatly effected the spiritual growth of humanity.

Many people believe that it is sacrilege to believe in this new age understanding of spirituality. But let’s get that out of our heads, it is not new age at all. Muhammad meditated in a cave and was going to disappear from the world forever before he was told that his mission was to lead the people.  Jesus disappeared for 18 years , some believing that he went to the mountains of Tibet to meditate and find enlightenment. Buddha sat by the Bodhi tree and meditated to achieve higher consciousness.

Various religions have their understanding of higher consciousness and spirituality. Respectfully most of the major religions teach the same ethical and moral values.

“Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.” Ephasian 4:32 Bible

“Allah commands you to uphold justice and to do good to others and to give to the relatives.” (16:90)

“Doing good to others is virtue (Dharma); injuring others is sin.” Bhagavad Gita

As the story goes there is no one path to enlightenment, heaven or nirvana. Every path leads to oneness and rightfully so. It is almost hardwired in our DNA to seek that which is not known. Whatever path one is on one should seek truth in that religion or organization.

Forms Of Spiritual Awakening

There are many levels of spiritual awakeness. For one letting go of want, being more compassionate, loving, caring, being connected with the oneness or the universe, or at the most extreme, letting go of all ties of worldly possessions. In the end knowing that the indulgence into the delusional carnal world has no baring on ones true happiness. But seeing that being connected to the universe, to oneness and all is the most important . We won’t go into detail here but if you want to know more about the levels of spiritual awareness click here.  Here are some brief forms of Spirtual awareness.

  1. The feeling of taking your life back, being despondent about how things are going not just in your life but the world at large.
  2. Seeing life in a whole new light, whether it be good or bad, your perception of reality has dramatically changed.
  3. A brewing fear of stepping into the unknown. You know it’s out there but you are afraid of stepping past the door.
  4. You are suddenly going through hard times are had a traumatic event. This is the Universe beefing you up, almost a test.
  5. Even though times are rough your perception and reaction to this has dramatically changed. As if you have a choice and that choice deals with making that leap.
  6. Before you leap you understand that you must change and changing starts with forgiving and asking for forgiveness.
  7. Connection with a higher power, God or Universe or what ever you feel inclined to do.
  8. A strong desire to change what is inside and a letting go of control.
  9. Higher Purpose – you were meant for something more
  10. Devine love or non conventional behavior: those who have wronged you or humanity have been forgiven and are now shown compassion.
  11. Geocentrisim: the understanding that universally everything is how it is supposed to be. And you play a big role in that.

There are many more characteristics of  higher levels of consciousness and understanding. Some would say that they have gathered heightened senses or different powers, like clairvoyance,  empathic abilities or even the ability to travel out of their bodies or the ability of knowing. Truth be told we have had these abilities all along but have lost them do to a left brain technological thinking. Almost akin to being able to spell really well in Junior High School, but once you use a computer with spell check you loose that skill and have to check if you spelled “it” correctly. The difficulty is in knowing that we have this in us, quite literally engrained in our DNA.

What Should I expect when Going Through Enlightenment

Being awakened is no easy step. There has not been one single person that slipped into an awakening like a warm bubble bath. It usually comes with a certain amount of hardship. Some of these hardships range anywhere  from, a really bad break up, toxic relationships, financial loss, a close death, a near death experience or even having a really bad job. Without the knowledge of dark, one can not see the light. But once the light is seen one must take the proper steps to increase the light and continue to grow as a spiritual being

It won’t be fast. When you do come into your higher self, don’t expect immediate results. It will still be very difficult. There will be those around you that may mock you. Especially if you were in a cycle of materialism and around those that were what some may say are lower level beings or those who still remain locked into the delusional carnal world. This will be the hardest part, breaking away from that which no longer serves you. You will notice an emotional distance from those, almost a feeling of no longer belonging. Whether  it be your job, your school, your partner or friends, this is where it gets very dicey. Breaking ties with those that don’t serve you does not mean that they are out of your life. It just means that they do not effect your emotional, mental and spiritual being any more. You will have to make some moves to break away from them, but it will become easier as others will enter into your life and those that understand will come with.

New people will enter your life. You’ll notice that your work on your inner self will introduce people of like minds. Your communication and day to day will be filled with others talking about awareness, changing self and vibrations. You will surround yourself with people that you can talk to and relate to that won’t think you are strange and weird, but on the other hand you may think that they are a bit strange. An overall love of humanity will start with a new connection with those that have been through it before and the expectation that all humans can live a spiritual and peacefully abundant lifestyle.

You will become selfless. Your work and your position as an awakened soul will become a place of selflessness. You will and should understand your gift to the world and your understanding of manifestation will put you in a position to invite good into your life. However, this is a good which effects everyone and everything around you. Your abilities to change the way that people are will be of paramount importance. As your powers of being able to help people through whatever gift you have been given will allow others to understand what it means to be good and connected as well. You will lead by example.

Nothing bothers me. Issues that  angered you before; marital issues , financial issues, politics will not trouble you so much, not only will you be able to handle them without stress but some of them will go away or all out change. For example,  if you are with a significant other and you went through this change and all of a sudden you saw yourself and them in a different light, you most likely will be able  to change you present course; if had a bad relationship make it good, and a good relationship make it better.

You will get things – Things come easy to those who wait, or are patient and work good deeds. Because your mind is not in a negative survival state, you already have abundance, you are grateful for what you have. Therefore you will continue to prosper. If you want something you will eventually get it.

Spiritual Awakening and Manifestation

Many awakened people and higher vibrational folks speak of manifestation. This is the ability of asking for something and receiving it. There have been many of gurus, scholars and even scientist who speak of the ability to manifest what you want. Through meditation, connection with the higher self, God or just knowing, many spiritually awakened people claim that they have easily come into an abundance that they are happy with.

There is work to be done however. An awakening also comes with the desire to work in an area that they  are passionate about. Because part of spirit is actually work and we can’t live on this earth without putting work in. Doesn’t matter about money or houses or cars. All that matters is doing something that helps people and UpLyfts (<— visit this link for stories of a conscious lyft driver ) humanity. It will soon become about the collective instead of the individual. With that good karma and not really asking anything in return from humanity, that which comes to you will be from the heavens in this life and in the here-after.

Why are we going through a spiritual awakening

The short answer is that it’s just time. Our earth is vastly unbalanced and just as the human character needs balance so does the earth. We have mad men ruling over countries of peaceful people, mischief is running ramped and the good guys are finishing last. As is above so is below.

Deep down inside we know what we are supposed to do. We know the difference between good and bad.  Therefore the balance of life in the universe is to connect us with the universe and understanding what we have to do to create balance in the world.


Spiritual awakening is not a new concept, it’s just something that humanity has not really gone through in a long time. So the last thing that you should feel is crazy or a weirdo. You have been privy to something that all of the great spiritual leaders have been through, that which all of the change makers had become. Our spiritual awakening is what we were meant to grow to. What else is there in this world, we wont be able to take any of this with us so the bigger picture is enhancing and growing that which is forever. Allowing yourself to come into a place of spiritual awakening can solve many problems for yourself and humanity.

Spirtual Awakening and religion

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