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Increase B2B sales through social media – Case Study #3

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Increase B2B sales through social media – Joyflavor live Social Media campaign

Joyflavor was relatively new to an exploding industry. Their goal was to create hype around 9 of their all natural e liquid flavors in order to get retailers to sale their SKUs.









Case Study Summary

  • Joyflavor focused their campaign around one of the biggest vape trade shows in America, ECC
  • Design of the booth revolved around company brand and joyful theme
  • Several live campaigns were planned to increase social mention and gain access to retailers

The Challenge

Joyflavor technology was not allowed to promote their brand through traditional online means (Paid Facebook ads, commercials or adsense). Instagram was one of the largest and few platforms in which the company could promote their brand. The vape industry is very fickle and is interested in the newest yet most talked about.

The Solution

Creating a real world image was at the top of Joyflavor’s to do list. Trade shows were the best way to garnish follwoers, advocates influencers and buyers. Joyflaor created a party setting in booth and allowed people to take photos and follow and hashtag Joyflavor for gifts, free juice and other swag. Joyflavor set a goal of getting 1000 new followers by the end of the trade show and invited influencers to do live interviews at the Joyflavor booth.


  • 1200 new followers
  • 3 interviews and a gained network of influencers worth over 5000 follows
  • Publication in several industry magazines
  • Acquisition of 1 distributor and 3 retailers

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