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I Think I Am a Starseed, is That Weird?

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Starseed is only a term to understand the origin of a soul. We are all from somewhere and not all starseeds are the same. So this and any other explanations out there can define any one of us. YOu know who you are…

From a very early age I’ve always felt that I was different. I felt as if the world was a dream and I was just passing through it. I was also always more connected with spiritual than the material world. My connection with God was always there as well. My parents converted to Islam when I was 5 and it was very easy for me to understand God as an infinite “thing”. It is hard to put in words that God was not a person place or thing and that even energy was created by God.

Starseed awakening

As a Starseed I have always been an old soul

I’ve been told that I was an old soul from a very early age. As I got older I’ve run into people that have had past life regressions. I was curious about this and tried it on myself. I came up with nothing, every-time I tried to receive something form the a past life it would always send me to a strange place with strange beings. I just racked this up to my huge imagination.

Recently. I have learned about new souls and came to the conclusion that I am new to this planet but have a soul that has been around the universe for a bit.

Knowing things from a past or seeing things how they really are

I have always been curious about, Atlantis, Pyramids, Aliens, Jinn and how earth was millions of years ago. I never believed what discoveries were found about these topics. For example when I was in highschool, at the time they actually taught interesting subjects, we were learning about the Pyramids, it was hard for me to believe that they were built as a tomb for the kings, or an offering to the gods. I always felt that they were a source of power, energy to say the lease.

It was also very hard to believe that humans were the only creation put on this earth. That there were more creations on this earth. I mean think about it. The earth has been in existence for 4 billion years and the first creature 230 million years. I mean come on.

Part of feeling different was a high sense of morality

I know this is egotistical, however I have always felt a moral superiority to others. Knowing what was right and wrong for the soul. Now I’m not saying that I am a perfect picture of morality, but I have always felt that I at least knew better in almost all situations.

Being Empathic was a 6th sense and I thought everyone else had it

I didn’t really find out that all people weren’t empathic until my later years of life. When I found out that there were people in the world that really didn’t care about anyone but themselves. I have always cared for people because I have always felt their pain or felt it. It was really confusing when I met someone who never even knew that I cared for them or loved them… BURN! Even though I fell different from others, I still feel an inclination to relate to them and try my hardest to understand and help.

My body is different

Now I’m not super tall or short or anything, on the outside I look normal, however my system works a bit different. I don’t seem to age, I’m 43 but people think I am in my early to late 20’s. I don’t do anything different. I didn’t become vegan until my 40’s still struggling. I didn’t work out like crazy and my lifestyle was more stressful than most.

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Also, heat bothers me, even on a beutiful 75 degree day. My blood pressure has always been very low all of my life, usually 110 over 70, but I’ve always felt fine. Then certain stimulants and drugs had a retro effect on me, coffee put me to sleep, asparin was a stimulant and once when I was having my teeth pulled I woke up in the middle of anasthisia as if nothing was wrong.

Paranormal activities

My main thing is DeJa Vu, some of us get it, but mine is very deep and serial but at the same time very normal for me. I sometimes have DeJa Vu for almost up to a minute where I can say exactly what is about to happen… Strange.

I’ve only had 1 maybe 2 out of body experiences, some other people who seem to be starseed claim that they have O.B.E’s on a regular basis, good for them. But I’m sure there will be more to come.

spiritual awakening out of body experience

This world is limiting

Have you ever felt like you can fly, or teleport yourself somewhere else, or move objects with your mind? I have, but on a level which frustrates me when I can’t accomplish it. I remember telling a companion one time that I know I can fly but, because of the limitation son earth I get frustrated with not being able to. She was okay with this but it came back as if I was just being metaphorical. That’s okay.

Other things that I feel as a Starseed

  • Feeling a strong since of purpose, or not feeling alive if I don’t have a purpose
  • Feeling that this life is fleeting
  • Very vivid and prophetic dreams
  • Others have the same dreams about me
  • Very few friends
  • Love animals and kids an in their innocence and naturalness they tend to trust me
  • Understanding who people are just by sitting with them
  • My spirituality goes beyond books and I understand the universality of all religions – in that it comes from one
  • I’ve always questioned the manmade world
  • Have been able to make others feel better just through words or being near them
  • Finally the ability to understand and fully embrace a full fledged spiritual awakening

Do you have these same symptoms? Do you feel like you are a Starseed? Or do you totally disagree. I’d like to know, comment below.


  • Rachel Kleinbrink

    Im like you. Ive had whole chunks of time, lasting months, that was continuos de ja vu. It suggests many questions, like, have i lived this life before? Am i on a redo? Its been this way since i was teen and im going on 40. People always tell me i look like im in my 20s. I domt see it cuz i remember what i looked like at 20, haha. People like me, strangers always approach me, like, wow i really like your pants, or shirt, or hairy or whatever. Im overweight and not pretty, so thats weird. People my whole life had told me how talented i was and other compliments. Thats weird because i never compliment people on who they are. Im quiet person. Ive been in mental hospital and diagnosed with schizoqffective disorder and bipolar one because i went on a quest and was in another dimension seeing, hearing, feeling, thinkinh spiritually, from another dimension. They think im crazy. No one belives me but thats okay. The world aint ready. My biggest challenge is to get over this christian bullshit that is programmed in my head. This requires some serious reprogramming. I wish i could remember whats after this life. My dreams are awesome, i dream every night, since i was a kid. But im alone. People got mad at me
    Because i told them i dont believe in god. And because i get real pissed at churches. People canr handle me. So now i have completely seperated myself from people becase i am magic. Now i live as a observer and im trying to crack the code to open my mind to remember eternity. I have a special relationship with a spirit of everything. Its always coincidence, every moment. My thoughts and actions are splattered all around me becoming physical events. Its very comforting. Coincidences abound every day every hour. I think i have too hard a time here because i am love, and i have spent whole life being unproud. While others around love their control. Anyway, im alone and quiet and have no friends and not a typical awake person but i know im learning to trust myself and everything. Theres nothing i need to do. Just be.

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