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How Lyft Helped my Spiritual Path and I Quit My Job

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How do I quit my job? It’s no secret that most of us hate our jobs. Now some of you may have found passion about your industry or career. But what happens when you no longer have passion, what happens when you are no longer driven, what happens when you go through a shift that makes you question whether or not that what you are doing is serving you as you would like to be served?

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I Need to Quit My Job

quit my job I quit

Have you uttered these words without really knowing why, you may be doing well or getting by. But there are many times in our lives that we go through a shift or a moment of clarity. You realize that all of your hard efforts are going elsewhere when you know you can do better for yourself. Also life changes happen, you may have kids, or get into a relationship, or go through domestic issues or just hard times. Sometimes work life balance just does not exist. I don’t care how much a company says that they have the best work live balance, when it comes to the bottom line, their bottom line is more important than yours.

Why Spirituality plays a role in quitting your job

Sometimes the spirit is the strongest force in a job or a career change. You may be going nowhere fast at your job and it may not feed your soul or passion. You may have a hobby on the side that feeds your soul in so many ways but it does not pay the bills – YET. Remember no one has ever gotten what they want by letting their dreams be “Plan B”. Respectfully, no one who had a dream gave themselves a “Plan B” either.

If you are truly passionate about your life, your soul and your work on this earth then go for what you know. You were put here for great things and if you do not do those great things then you are cheating yourself, humanity and the universe.

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Why not quitting your job is hurting other people.

If you are truly not passionate about your job, then it’s most likely you are not doing a good job at all or just getting by. Just think of how many other people need that job. If you get fired or quit or don’t get a job in the first place then it was not meant for you. And if you continue on the course of staying in a place that does not serve you then you are not serving it. You are denying someone of a job that they may have passionate for  and you are also denying yourself a future career that you may be uber passionate about.

Not to mention your denying that company of an employee that is more suited for that position.

Take the leap and jump

leap of faith career

Now I know that many of these spiritual guides have told you that you should jump without a safety net.

This may not be the best bet. I ended up quitting my job a bit too early, going off of some angel numbers that I had seen. I asked the universe what should I do about my current place of employment. As I looked at the clock I saw the numbers 555. My interpretation of this is of change. So I quit the next day. Remember time is not a factor when it comes to the universe, that is, the universe does not conceptualize time as we do. Even if it was the best call for me to make, the timing was off. Make sure you have an exit plan and know exactly what it is that you need to do before you go.

There is an old Islamic proverb: “Trust in God, but tie up your camel”

We are not completely spirit, we are also corporeal in a world of rules that regulate our lives. In this we have to find balance.

So what do I do when I quit; LYFT?

work with Lyft

Yes! Lyft is a great way to make money on the side while you are transitioning out of your career, it is also a great way to make a living. I Lyft on a regular basis and now make more than I did at my previous company. At some point you have to let go of ego, my ego said that if I am not working a corporate position and go to Lyft that people will shun me. However, I have the time to work on my blog, my videos, do yoga and meet awesome people.

Some Lyft drivers make anything from $2000 – $5000 dollars per month. And I’m not planning on doing this forever. When I quit my job I did have a goal in mind, but sometimes the universe plans best.

If you don’t like people in your car or you have a bike or a motorcycle. Then you may want to try something like Uber Eats or Postmates. I do Postmates myself and do it during the busy time only. You can make extra cash if you do it right.

Another way to make sustainable cash is by selling things online. I am beginning to do this but I do this because of the work that I put into my site. I need to get paid for my site and I know my worth and have a goal for that. This passion will equal purpose, passion and productivity. I use adwords along with other tools to help promote my site. I can tell you how to do this in another post.

These are just a few ways to reach your goals and passions in life.

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  • John Fuji

    Thank you for the job ideas. I find corporate jobs to be the most soul damaging. I’ve worked in a grocery store. While the environment sometimes gave me calmness, I still had to deal with many negative people as well as politics. Working online is definitely the best way to go, but it’s not that easy to generate enough income. I’m now learning to become a math tutor. I hope you post more ideas in your upcoming blogs.

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