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Hard to Market

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There are many products out there that are difficult to market. One example from past experience is personal vaping devices and juices, jut to name one. You may have all of the experience in the world as a SEO and paid ad marketer but with some products, “it just don’t work”. Without the proper platforms, influencers, affiliates and message you may find yourself running into “ad red tape”. All of the funds that you set aside to pay for clicks and keywords are now sitting there with nothing to do.

We are willing to take on projects like this and utilize our data base of influencers and RTB (real time bidding platforms) to help you in your struggle. Sometimes all it takes is a little outside the box thinking, trade shows, events, content, a letter to the President or just the right reviewer.

If you are having problems marketing your product, give us a hoot!

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