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The Master Key System Part 2

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Freeing the Subconscious for Inner Harmony

When we think of our bodies, we are in a general understanding of what it does. The heart beats roughly 60 – 100 beats per minute, the knee is segmented in just a way that we can walk upright, and neurons are sending signals to these parts so that they can complete their functions.

We have grown to know the “how does the body work ?”, however the burning question to it all, is the “what is making it work.”

Our bodies are on a schedule in which we have no control over. It acts and reacts without us thinking or giving any mental effort. This involuntary movement is completely due to the subconscious.

The fact of the matter is, is that the subconscious body runs off of the same law as the entire universe. Everything in the universe has a desire for survival and preservation. And this survival is hard to impossible to do when out of balance. That same law that governs the universe governs the subconscious body.

For example when considering the planet that we live on, there is currently a form of consciousness that is causing the earth laws to be out of balance. If these laws are acted upon by a force that interrupts the cycle, then other laws play in, protecting the balance of the earth. Which is the most elementary form of understanding of climate change. Humans are that which is making the earth out of balance and we are being acted upon by that which is trying to balance it. The consciousness that balances us, also balances the earth as well as the entire universe and only vary in degree.

The radiance of Divine Consciousness

The Logic of subconsciousness

The body, like everything else is connected to the source of consciousness or what some would call divine consciousness. This consciousness is of pure logic, but a logic of perseverance through balance, a balance of causality.

The mind works by telling our body that certain chemicals must be triggered in the body to keep the body in harmony, it also tells these same chemicals to be fired when there are outside forces acting upon the body. All of this is done without our knowledge, because or knowledge is rooted in the conscious whereas the body is in the subconscious.

The conscious tells our leg to move when we want to walk, the subconscious tells the nervous system to fire waves of electricity in order to stimulate the muscles and to open up the capillaries in our legs to bring more blood and oxygen. In essence it is our conscious mind willing our subconscious body to go to work.

The Subconscious mind is subjective whereas the conscious mind is objective. The subconscious is analytical and without malice or confrontation, the conscious mind is off emotion and free will, within reason.

How is our consciousness constructed?

The subconscious is made up of three parts. The physical, which is the body and its functions that are controlled involuntarily. The mental, which is the logic board, calculating the best way of action for balance and harmony. And the spiritual, which is part of the whole or the divine consciousness think of it as the information cloud. The spiritual subconscious is the same as the divine consciousness but vary in degree.

The conscious mind acts as a gatekeeper to the subconscious mind.

guarding the subconscious
Gatekeeper. Staircase and Entrance to the monastery.

When the mental subconscious receives negative or bad thoughts from the conscious, we begin to make the mental subconscious give logical opposing conditions or instructions to handle ideas that go against harmony. The subconscious is not bad, it merely does what it needs to – to be in balance. Remember that the mind, both the subjective subconscious mind and the objective conscious mind are both the glue that binds the spiritual with the material or the soul with the body, respectively.

The conscious mind, when in a state of dismay, anger, jealousy or fear, injects this into the mental subconscious, and when it does, the body’s subconscious gives its rebuttal in the form of physical manifestation, stomach aches, headaches, lower digestive problems and so on. The more mental energy you give to the negative the more that this stress manifests itself into the physical.

It has already been discovered that stress has an immense relationship with body and the manifestation of ailments. As noted with the American Institute of Stress .

The spiritual subconscious is connected to the divine subconscious which effects the world around us. If we are connected to the Divine consciousness then we are part of what runs and governs the entire universe. And our consciousness is not like the divine consciousness, it is the divine consciousness but only varies in degree.

The conscious mind can either suggest truth or error. If it is error then it means disaster for the whole being. So therefor if the conscious mind is off duty, then the subconscious mind is left open to all sources. In times of panic, the height of anger, or unrestrained passion… then the subconscious is left open to fear, greed, selfishness self deprecation and other negative forces derived from other persons or circumstances.

Our spiritual subconscious and the divine consciousness work in a way to balance the world around us. This is where the understanding of manifestation comes into play. And being part of the whole, and that which is of abundance and harmony we are meant to be part of that harmony and the abundance needed to make that happen.

The conscious most readily effects the subconscious by allowing in events from the outside world.

However with negative thinking we tax our subconscious because it is continuously trying to correct itself within us, therefor not allowing it to break free from the material anchors that we have created for it.

We must break it free. The only way for us to be in harmony with the divine consciousness, is to be in harmony with ourselves. And the only way to be in harmony with ourselves is to free our subconscious.

The mind must be the gate keeper for the subconscious’s continuous freedom. We must learn to eliminate all negative thinking which does not serve us. We must also not entertain any outside forces which also inevitably trap our subconscious.

Exercise 2. Focusing the Mind

Focusing the conscious mind for the subconscious

In the last exercise we learned the power of controlling the body. In the next exercise we will focus on freeing the mind from unnecessary mental chains.

Step 1. Find a space, the same space from exercise #1, where you can be alone for at least 30 minutes. If you can not then make do with what you can. Do not allow yourself excuses for not doing the exercise.

Step 2. Find a chair which you sat comfortably erect without lounging

Step 3. Be Perfectly still as before, but inhibit, disallow or let go of all thought. Then begin only allowing thoughts that you desire, negative, positive or any thoughts just as long as it is something that you desire to focus on. Do this for 15 – 30 minutes for about a week or until you have mastered this.

The key is, to be able to hold that desired thought for the entire exercise. This will be hard at first and you may not be able to do it for more than a few minutes. But after a while and with practice you will have it down.

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