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Spiritual Awakening

What’s Spiritual Awakening

A Spiritual awakening in as an event or change in though in which the understanding of spirit either becomes aware to the subject or it becomes more relevant than the material realm. However there are many types of spiritual awakening; enlightenment, letting go of false ego, finding emotional balance and a break from what we would consider the norm.

What spiritual awakening feels like

Spiritual awakenings differ from person to person and event to event. Some may have a sense of euphoria for a bit, others may find it hard to cope with what we consider as a normal society. Higher level awakenings can be an awareness to signs, patterns and symbols or very elaborate dreams or out of body experience. For the most part it is a definite change in what ever you have been use to, whether it is external or internal there is a force.

Why spiritual awakening happens

It is not truly known, however as of 2019, people are claiming more and more to have had one or going through one, this could be because of the internet and an almost collective consciousness, however the change is there. Most spiritual awakenings happen due in part to a traumatic event, a major change in life, or sometimes through mediation or hallucinogenics.

When spiritual awakening ends

A spiritual awakening is not meant to end, as we are ever evolving creatures, it continues to grow or one becomes use to it. The time that one get’s use to it can very based on any changes in the life that they have made. For example if they are working at the same job, they begin to act differently at work, and allowing people to accept them for who they are. Some awakenings can be normalized by inviting particular people in ones life or changing lifestyle all together.

What to do when spiritual awakening

As the Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy says: Don’t Panic. This too shall pass. The best way to deal with an awakening is to learn and seek wisdom. Even if you are learning about other things that are not related to the awakening. For the most part if you are religious, go back to reading your book, you may see different things in there which may be helpful or to help bring forth other information. Meditation is always a great way to start to balance yourself as well

Can spiritual awakening cause headaches

Yes, most of the earlier prophets and sages were plagued with migraines. Even today if you study on people with psychic abilities they suffer from migraines as well.

Can spiritual awakening make you sick

Outside of migraines there are a few other things that may have some health concerns. Dizziness, hypertension, anxiety, the feeling of depression that you can’t do anything to fix yourself or the world, changes in diet which may lead to stomach problems. Some have complained about fatigue and sleep abnormalities. Ringing in the ear however rare has been a part of it in some people.

Can spiritual awakening go wrong

It all depends on how you handle it. Surrounding yourself or imagining yourself surrounded by white light and creating a light grid around you has helped some. A few things that can go wrong with an SA is the feeling of loneliness and depression. However on the flip side of that would be picking up narcissistic ways.

Can you lose your spiritual awakening

It can be forgotten but not lost. It tends to remain with you in small little instances. You can find yourself not thinking about it for years and then one day you get dejavu, an out of body experience or strange causalities happening. But the best way to keep your spiritual awakening up is by meditation, studying and always growing.

How to have spiritual awakening

There is not one real way to have one. A percentage of those that have one has had traumatic or near death experiences in their lives. But there will always be a curiosity in us asking “what else?”. This is what starts it, especially if it is not egged on by anyone else other than your own consciousness. If this happens then mediation, studying, speaking with Guru’s or spiritual leaders or going into nature can help curate and expand your thinking