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Divine Feminine and Masculine Energy

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How balancing masculine and feminine energy contributes to ones spiritual growth.

In everything is balance and the ability to be balanced. The entire universe and its existence is based on the ability to balance itself. 

We, Like the universe  is made up of its various parts, abilities and as such contains spirit. The reason why so many of us are trying to balance ourselves and coming up short is because we fail to balance the most important things in our lives, so we fail.  Masculine and Feminine energy like everything else in the universe is one such thing that yearns for balance. 

The Source of Gender

The universe is made up, much like ourselves, of things that are opposites of each-other. In electricity for example, positive and negative are necessary to create a charge, without black there can be no white or anything in between. All of these are of the same thing but vary in its degree in polarity. Masculine and feminine energy are much the same. 

When we think of the masculine and feminine, it is very easy at first glance to describe the difference between the two. There is no need to give biological or sociological descriptions because it is something that we are aware of at a very early age in life. The roles of the two have changed over time in their positions in society,  however the basic core of the two remain the same.

However, there are fundamental elements on a higher level when trying to understand the higher purpose of the masculine and feminine. And the ability for the two to work in balanced harmony  is the highest goal of universal law.  It is also this very balance that can inevitable lead to a progressive utopic society.

The main element of where this balance comes from lies outside of our corporeal material realm, above the astral realm and into the realm in which the center of creation sprouted from; Divine or spiritual gender.

Let’s not confuse divine gender as Divinity in-itself, but divine gender is the association with the Divine intelligence, that which governs everything, the many sources of creation in-which life sprouted from.

“O mankind! Fear your Lord Who (initiated) your creation from a single soul, then from it created its mate, and from these two spread (the creation of) countless men and women.”

(al-Qur’an, 4:1)

This Verse clearly expounds that man and woman are created from a single seed or soul.  And that these two now have been given the makeup to create more.

In Taoism, gender is believed to be of the same thing and complements each other. This is shown as part of the Yin/Yang. It is part of the balance of life. Opposites are not opposites only book ends of the same thing, holding them together, when opposites are in harmony and balance regardless of what we believe as chaos, then creation happens.  

Masculine and feminine energy yin yang

This masculine and feminine source is pure masculine/feminine energy working in harmony doing the roles that they are supposed to do in the universe. It is that which from it, creation is begot.

How do The Energies Work?

In everything there is feminine and masculine energy in some degree and in every stage of creation.

Although the Law of Gender and the Law of Polarity are intimately intertwined, it is important to realize that either gender contains both genders simultaneously, with the circuitry flowing in magnetic north to magnetic south, which moves in different or opposing directions in a male and female body. The male and female body on the physical plane mirror each other through vibrational correspondence that occurs during interaction between the positive and negative polarity that runs through what could be referred to as magnetic north to magnetic south pole positions. ~The Law of Gender – ancient Hermetic texts

Now let’s bring the understanding of the divine gender down to us. More specifically the humans.

All of us as humans have some element of feminine and masculine energy. Remember that most esoteric and religious teachings say that everything has a polarity. And the thing which has that polarity only differs in degree. In the case of gender, masculine and feminine are of the same thing only differ in degree.

Since this energy doesn’t just flow through us, it is part of us, finding balance in one’s divine gender is important to ones own success. Before trying to balance your divine gender you must first understand the characteristics of the divine gender.

We won’t go into great detail because there are many characteristics that make up the two, that when coupled together always end in creation.

Masculine and feminine energy in the tree of life
The Tree of life – sacred geometry

Masculine Energy

In symbolic blueprints of creation, like the tree of life, masculine energy is always represented as a straight line. The masculine takes the straight line to get to its direction, there is no deviation.  This  line helps us to visualize the other characteristics.

Analytical, masculine energy is characterized in divine gender as highly analytical,  a + b = c  type thinking.

The masculine is also the giver.  The giver of sustenance as well as the giver of its own flesh (sperm).

Masculine energy is also of will. The ability to have the power to change the minds of others, the ability of influence or to harbor change in ones own environment.

These are the four basic chambers of masculine energy. And you may be telling yourself, these all sound like positive and good qualities. Yes they are. But let’s get into feminine energy.

Feminine Energy

In the tree of life the feminine is represented by circles. These circles represent a path that bends. The circle is the one of the true representatives of creation, time and source. 

Feminine energy is of curiosity and contemplation. The ability to conceive from nothing. Which leads in to the ability to create mentally things that may or may not exist. 

Feminine energy is also of receiving. Receiving from men, the universe and everything else.  

Feminine is of love and compassion. The ability to be empathetic and to help that which is not you to raise up and give. 

How the Feminine and Masculine work Together

These work together in harmony based on a sustaining environment. An environment that allows the masculine and feminine to shine bright together.

If one was left without the other then we would have distraction and chaos or total stagnation. Both scenarios leading to self destruction.

When we begin to pair the characteristics together we can see how they work together in order to give us our current state and a potentially different state.

Masculine ‘will’ is the ability to make one’s thoughts manifest in some way shape or form. However if we were of pure masculine ‘will’, we would be in a state of constant turmoil, no real reason as to what we are doing, and things would be very basic. Greed would take over to the point at which no one would be safe from our desires and needs.

This is balanced by the feminine gift of love and compassion, in which “will” has been thought out in order to protect self, other and the world around us through this basic concept of love compassion and understanding.

Analytics could not be accomplished without a creative mind to pull numbers and figures from nothing. 

And as far as straight lines and circles, thing of how many discoveries we have made by stopping and smelling the roses or taking a different route to work. 

Finding Your Masculine or Feminine Energy.

Start by realizing that male and female is merely a physical “concept” in the Dunya or matrix that we live in. We have the power to overcome it. All that we see as male and female and the current gender wars that we are having are not real and are a manipulative device to keep us trapped in a world that has fabricated boundaries. 

Start to understand deeply the characteristics of the masculine and feminine energy. Study it in humans, in nature and in everything that is in the universe.

If you realize that you are masculine dominate, begin to practice the feminine traits. If you are feminine dominate begin to practice the masculine traits. We are in no way speaking about sexual aversion, but thought and spirit connected to source where there is no physical form as we know it.  

Rest assured you will find yourself experiencing new things and gaining new knowledge and insight into the world around you. 

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