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Dear Angelica Wins Best VR at Sundance

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Artist Bios
Saschka Unseld
Saschka Unseld is a German-born director and writer whose work intertwines the magic and wonder of modern technology with the heart of a storyteller. After directing multiple award-winning short films, including the 2013 Pixar short The Blue Umbrella, he co-founded Oculus Story Studio where he now works as creative director and helps to explore the future of VR storytelling.


Director Saschka Unseld collaborates with illustrator Wesley Allsbrook and actors Geena Davis and Mae Whitman to create a visually splendid and deeply human journey through memory, loss, and the magic of a valorous life. Allsbrook’s illustrations constantly construct themselves around you as they swirl you from scene to scene, weaving you into thrilling adventures, the heat of love, and the thickness of mourning. This breathtaking experience immerses you in a dynamic world of creation as it bathes you in the velvet of emotion.

dear angelica VR wins Sundance 2017

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