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Dealing With People That No Longer Serve You

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“You will come to a place in your life where you realize that that which you have been should not have existed and those that are in your life no longer serve you. ” ~The Hermit Bo

You do not have any attachments

I know that it is hard. But just remember this world is an illusion and any attachments that you have in this world that brings you to a bad place and does not allow your spiritual growth should not be of that which is attached to you.

“Attachment leads to jealousy, the shadow of greed that is. Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose” ~ Yoda

Yoda says it best and I am a little partial to Yoda. As a young Muslim growing up a lot of his wisdom seemed to be straight from the Quran, I’m not sure if that was intended by George Lucas, but none the less it tends to be a universal concept in the spiritual realm. Think of it this way, the more that you are attached to in the corporeal realm the more you detract yourself from the eternal realm of spirit.

Now I am not saying that you have to totally detach, I’ve been there and it is not the most productive place to be. You’re job is to help people to be there better selves so that we can make it to that higher collective self. If you are a hermit all the time, you won’t be able to interact in this world to come out of your cave and shed your light.

They may not serve you and you may not serve them

This is where it gets a bit tricky. This is where you have to let go of ego. Some of us who are getting to that higher vibration or coming into our awaking may still have ego that leads us to believe that they are the problem. But this in fact is not true. Your attachments to these people may be a crutch on them that is not serving them or helping them reach the level of consciousness that we all have to lead. You are a giver, I know that, but are you giving too much?

They may depend on you for everything, from paying all of there rent to jump starting their car early in the morning. How much does that take out of you? Not much, but what does take a lot of you is the fact that they don’t appreciate it. Take yourself out of the picture so that they can realize that appreciating and being grateful is something that brings more fruit in their lives, at least be grateful to that which made it all happen, and that is not you, it is the creator.

People that don’t serve you will be bitter to the bitter end

Have you ever gotten out of a toxic relationship or job and as you are getting yourself to a better place and trying to become that which you are meant to be, they seem to get more surly and call you out on every little thing you do? Well it’s partially because they have hurt in them. I have made the mistake of giving back what they give… this is a big mistake. Still be kind and cool and collective. I now that they know how to push your buttons, but turn those buttons off. They can’t hurt you, if they want to duel it out with you, respectfully decline their inclinations. This will NOT make you weak.

Yes you’r going to be upset and you may yell and scream and give back what you receive. Just remember you can always apologize, they probably will not take it but it’s good Karma points and lets you know that at least you are human and that there is something that you have to work on.

Letting go of those that no longer serve you

Remember your soul is eternal and in the end will join the greater picture. This world is temporary and but an illusion. The more we hold on to it, the more we neglect working on the eternal.

Sometimes you may care deeply for these people, but this will usually be to your own demise. What’s more important to you, getting them to like, respect you and appreciate you? Or joining those allegiances that are of divine love to reach the higher plane of eternal existence.  You’ve tried enough and what have you gotten in return? Very little. So respect your soul, respect your higher you, respect your eternal soul that is here to help those that truly need you.

You’re better than them and you know it!

letting go of those that do not serve you

But don’t get your ego all tied up in this tight purple bow. The most important thing is to know what your job is. Your job is to practice your divine love self and become that which inspires greatness. Who was your favorite teacher? Was he are she an arrogant jerk or did they practice humility? You have to have humility but the knowledge to back it up. People will be more comfortable with you when you can see eye to eye and be level with them. Remember you were just like them at one time in your life, that’s why you are in front of them. If not then you have it in you to become like them.

“But I have seen the beauty of good, and the ugliness of evil, and have recognized that the wrongdoer has a nature related to my own – not of the same blood and birth, but the same mind, and possessing a share of the divine. ” ~ Marcus Aurelius (Click here for entire quote)

Why has this person been put in my life

Do you really think you were put here to help them? You were absolutely not! They were put here to help you. Look at how much you will grow into a better person. You already know that you need to do the dark work to do the light work. They were here to show you your deepest darkest idiosyncrasies. Once you realize this you will realize the closeness and the lesson in it all. So respect them and love them for that. You don’t have to tell them if you don’t wan’t to. They probably won’t take that kindly.

Everyone is a reflection of you and in realizing this you have a the tools and lessons to help you change to reach your higher self. Elevation is not in hating those which no longer serve you, but loving them for the sake of love.

That teacher that you learned so much from, are you still in hos class? No you have to move on.

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You will get better

Do you want better? If you have a tall glass of sugary soda, and you want a nice pure glass of natural good water. Then what do you have to do? Empty the cup, get rid of it and fill that glass with that water. It only takes the effort of emptying and pouring it. Now you may have to go to the store or a stream to get that pure water, but life is a journey and the pleasure is in the process.

What’s the worse that can happen when you decide to let go of that which does not serve you? I will leave that question open ended for you to reflect upon. But at the end of the day you truly have not lost anything but have gained a lesson.

Holding on to the thought of what could have been

Stop it! It could have been soo many things but it wasn’t. It was not meant to be beautiful, you were not meant to be your better self in this situation because it was a lesson. The past is only a memory left in the ebbs of that which no longer exist. Basically memories no longer serve us, only lessons. This is your time to grow be you and understand that your time is too short on this earth to continue to not grow into your true spiritually balanced self.

Top 11 list of characteristics of people that no longer serve you

(note: if they only exhibit one of these characteristics then you may be okay, 
if they have all then run for the hills!)
  1. Those that do not appreciate you or anything you do big or small: the rotten fruit syndrome
  2. Those that take advantage of your good nature and give nothing back to a point where it harms you
  3. Those that continuously play the victim card and you will always be the perpetrator
  4. Those that influence you to be your worse self, (You become the company that you keep)
  5. The selfish people or those who don’t care about anyone except for themselves
  6. Those who lack a moral, ethical and value compass (They may have some success but do not follow them, it’s not your path)
  7. Those that destroy your self confidence and esteem, we are humans it happens
  8. Negative people, those who only bring out all negative things about you
  9. Those who treat people that they are close to very bad
  10. Those that do not forgive or ask for forgiveness (to err is human to forgive is godly)
  11. Most important: placating or hindering your spiritual awakening

Do you have someone or something in your life that you are trying to let go or have let go? I would love to hear about it. Please leave a comment below and I will respond.


  • Frank

    I have difficulty with my Godmother.

    She’s recently had situations and issues of trust that have come up for her, and instead of trying to confirm facts of things that have been stolen, she’s shifted directly to accusing. She accused me of stealing and then proceeded to say I needed Rehab. I had been honest with her over my Ayuascha journeys. (never used recreational drugs in my life). This created a rift, and I disconnected for a long period. I then came back to try reconnect and apologised for how my behaviour might have caused her to presume me of being a thief. The situation in fact repeated itself months later. Something went missing again and she accused me again and proceeded to call me a drug user again.

    Its at a point where a person I considered safe space is no longer that, I don’t see them ever being that again for me. The last interaction I wanted to approach calmly but she pushed my buttons and I couldn’t resist.

    I try to approach these things calmly but here it was a massive attack, and one I’m not interested in. I want to disconnect from this person and not have them in my life, but again not sure of the purpose of this whole situation. Your article is very insightful so thank you.

    • boaz

      Thank you for sharing this. The purpose is for you to move on and be a better person. Dealing with that is stressful. A person doesn’t have to be narcissistic to be of negative value in your life. However, I will say the more you learn how to control your emotions around them in whatever way you can, the more you will be successful in other social aspects of your life. You were given a training session I would say. I too have dealt with very difficult people, and learned to move away and forgive but not forget, because I would still be dealing with it on a subconscious level. Also, be truly honest with yourself, people tend to be a reflection of ourselves. I think you got this! oh and by the way, Ayuascha isn’t really a drug, more like medicine for insight and cleansing. I could never see myself doing it on a “regular” basis. Love, Light and Wisdom.

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