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Changing Your Thinking for Positive Outcomes

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I speak with a lot of people every day and I’ve seen patterns in all of them. Most of their patterns or all of there patterns come from emotions which come from thought.

It’s becoming well known that negative thinking only brings negative outcome. That is if you are in debt and focus upon that debt negatively and with ill thought, you have given concentrated focus to debt. If you continuously fear that drama will enter your life and that bad people are always around you, you will continuously attract those people.

If that is true then the opposite must be true. Thinking positively and focusing on the positive will attract the positive things that you desire. So, you have to ask yourself “where is this negative thinking coming from?” Is it always there and there is nothing I can do about it? Or is it not there and I am creating it with my mind.

The answer is Yes – to both. There will always be some sort of disparity or lack. However it is how you view it and change your thinking that can make it lessened and eventually positively change the outcomes.

There is always chaos in the universe, whether we know it or not. However that chaos actually brings life. And in the almost infinite knowledge of the universe, chaos is a necessity and not seen as something evil. It merely is. However the light or peace and tranquility is also a thing. But it is that thing which is desired.

The universe is eternally trying to put itself in equilibrium or balance. Those things that react on it through the chaos of the universe becomes just another reaction to an event. It does not think, it merely does. If the universe were in its head all of the time, worried about this or that, it would ultimately destroy itself. If it were to worry about the possibilities of it’s own impending doom, then it would eventually overthink itself and destroy itself. Much in the same way that humans conduct their lives on a day to day basis.

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How powerful is our consciousness?

mind power

We as higher level beings have a lot more to think about. We have what one would call free will. A free will that is of a higher plane than that of the beast of burdens, the plants and the minerals. We are not merely made up of instinctual habits, but choices which have sprung from religious, generative or cultural learning.

So in order for us to move past what we are going through, we must be able to use the free will that we have been given, balanced with the logic of the universe. In other words we must be balanced between free will and determinism.

Our free will is limited by the rules and jurisprudence of universal law. For example our free will allows us to take a cherry blossom seed from a tree in Japan, transport that seed to our back yard in California and have that tree grow in our back yard.

We have exhibited our ability to manipulated a thing in this realm. However we have not, as some would say, played God. Because we still had to follow the rules of nature to get that tree to grow – soil, sun and water. So we are at a higher plane of understanding than that tree. And we used our understating of a higher law to manipulate the lower.

This all stems from the ability to be a different receiver to the divine consciousness than that of a plant. However on the flip side of this we are also transmitters of consciousness. We are of the divine consciousness and the divine consciousness is of us. All is connected, even the plant.

By understating the rule of correspondence – as is above so is below, then we can surmise that there are even higher planes of consciousness in which we may be manipulated by. However the more mentally strong we are, we will have the ability to manipulate that which are planes below us. which would be the realm that most of us live in. And it merely takes a change in thinking.

When we change our thinking we change things around us.

alchemy manifestation

The old alchemist use to say that everything has a cause. Every action has a reaction. This is prevalent in science and spirituality alike. Sir Isaac Newton’s 3 law of motion states, that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In the spiritual circle there is a basic understanding that if one does something it has it’s good tidings or bad punishments, we reap what we sow (Galatians 6:7-8) .

Science and spirituality are naturally starting to intermingle and old spiritual laws and thoughts are being brought into science to study. For example the understanding of consciousness. At once consciousness or thought was just agreed upon as a passive ethereal thing that only effected the movement of our bodies. However now thought is being considered a force, just like anything else in the universe. It has substance.

So therefor your thoughts have an actual effect on the world around you. Manifestation or as it was called in the days of old… transmutation can happen.

The Connection between thought and emotion

All is connected consciousness

The first step to changing ones thinking is in understanding where these thoughts come from. Because just like everything in the universe your thoughts are effected by something which then effects something else.

Understanding these thoughts will also lead to understanding and a change in your emotions. If one can change there emotions then they can begin to work more clearly, make proper decisions, focus and not worry about others opinions.

The fact of the matter is. Is that thought leads to emotion – emotion leads to action and action leads to transmutation. Emotions are the cornerstone in being able to make proper decisions in the right situations. We tend to let emotions get in the way when we gain something or loose something or fear either.

First step in controlling the mind. Not thinking – an Exercise

sitting meditation

Here is an amazing exercise from Charles F. Haanel’s book The Master Key System to get ones mind around negative thought. You have to reboot everything. Because not every good thought that you have is a positive thought and not every bad thought is negative. You must start from scratch .

Step 1.

Pull yourself away from anything and everything. Find a quiet place in your room, office or even car. Then in that room have a chair in which you can sit comfortably. Do not lounge. This will be your space every time you do an exercise. Make sure it is always available to you.

Step 2.

Do not worry about your breathing or visualizing anything or seing inner self. But begin to void your mind of all thoughts. If a thought arises try to let it fade away or supress it. If an emotion arises find the thought that was the cause and let that fad away, until you are able to think about nothing.

Step 3.

Relax and sit in this state for 30 minutes. Thinking about absolutely nothing.

Step 4.

Do this for 4 – 5 days or until you have mastered this.

You will now find yourself in a better control as to what thoughts effect which emotions. Understanding that these thoughts are just chatter that can not be helped or that can be helped so why worry about them. People’s objections to your actions will also dissipate. And you will be ready to move on to different forms of transmutative conscious practices.

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