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What are the chances of Cause and Effect?

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Cause and Effect on Dice

There is no such thing as chance only Cause and Effect

Chance in many philosophies, is the antithesis to cause and effect or causality. For example Islam discourages man from taking part in games of chance, ancient wisdom gives no defined value to chance and Hermeticism, Alchemy and Taoism frown upon an effect which has no cause.

If we really thought about chance, the fact that some mystical force has acted upon a thing resulting in a peculiar outcome, the entire situation sounds laughable. For the statistician this would be nothing more than several pages of calculations. problem, however for those that understand higher levels of universal laws, it would sound down right insane.

Instead there is causality, the universal law of cause and effect. That is that there is no effect without a cause. The well known Alchemist, Sir Isaac Newton, defines in his third law, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” . This law is constant on every plane however differs in it’s complexity when “Chance” is involved.

Newton's 3rd Law

Causality is much more. Causality exists on every plane and has no real defined parameters of time as we know it, but this goes a bit more in depth and involves forces of a conscious nature.

Chance is merely cause not yet recognized.

The Hand of God

Freewill vs Determinism. The understating that there is no hand of God. Only god consciousness or logos.

There is no hand of God outside of that which has already been written as is stated in the Quran. The Logos which the Greeks have noted is the logic, some would say that this means God, however it is merely the closest understanding of God that we have the consciousness of God, the divine rule or law.

What befalls us, the dice, a camper being taken away by a tornado has already been written. There is nothing above us pointing at us at any one time saying this person will have such and such and that person will parish or that will be born. The rules have already been written

We make choices in our lives based on rules that have already been written. So therefore the one who believes in Determinism is correct and the one that believes in free will is also correct.

The fact that a dice roles on a six on a Sunday and rolls a 6 on the next Sunday at the very same time, has been effected by an infinite number of possibility.

This is the same for those of us who have suffered a gain or a loss. It has already been written, so how is it up to us that we say that if there was a God why would he let something like this happen or not happen. This is a result of an ego driven westernized society which believe in the anthropomorphize deity, a deity that is like us. We in no way are like God.

Chance is an Imbalanced Force

Everything in the universe has it’s opposite. In the universe opposites are important for balance. Chance leaves no room for balance or rectification of an off balance system.

For example, we are currently living in a world where the earth is facing climate change. This a very real threat, not just to humanity, but to the earth as well as the universe around it. We tend to trivialize things based on our small knowledge that we have based on our perception. However the earth just like the smallest to the largest creature plays it’s part in the causality game. And it has happened over and over again.

If the universe was left up to any type of chance then the earth wold stand very little chance against a westernized way of living. We would kill ourselves and take the earth with it.

However, the mandate of a balance through Cause and effect, the earth will survive (Not Humans), but the earth. Without going into detail about climate change, we have to see the earth as a system, and that system right now is purging the imbalance that is within it (us). Once an ice-age happens, then a dry age, the earth will correct itself. and be what it was before, this cycle of course continues that is until all goes back to source (another topic).

The cause is us, the effect is climate change, causing ice age, effecting new earth. This works much the same way that our body gets rid of viruses and germs.

In Time All Things Will Become Balanced

Statistically speaking, if you rolled a dice enough times the numbers would eventually balance out, creating and equilibrium. However if rolled even more they will come out of that equilibrium and back again and so fourth and so on.

Frequency of dice rolls, Cause and effect

Each side of the dice will get to a point where they all have had the same number of hits. Thus rendering the idea of chance null.

Chance Has No Force

When you begin to take the cause elements out leaving us with chance you throw any intelligible path in your life and existence to the wind.

Everything has a force. There is nothing that is acting that has not been acting upon. Even a rock is merely energy interrupted (another discussion about energy)


something that happens unpredictably without discernible human intention or observable cause

Marriam-Webster Dictionary

There should be no mysteries in life only curiosities to be filled. The explanation of chance appears to be a ghost, a paradox which can be known if only we knew the vast depths of its cause. Chance is merely a human cog in his own wheel of ignorance.

Infinite Possibilities For One Outcome

Even though statistics has taken a very good crack at die rolling and falling. It is still not perfect. A certain number of rolls have to be maintained in a perfect setting before calculations can be made.

The reason being is that there are so many variables to what effects the dice. The way the die were picked up, the strength of the thrower, the hardness or softness of the service that it was thrown upon, the smoothness of the surface and so on.

Outside of this there are outside forces that effect the throw, the earths geo-magnetic forces, vibratory forces, wind variables.

Now think of the possibilities that effect our lives. How many had to meet to create us, what boat had to be built, who had to pass away. Our success our failures are all do to the universal nature of Cause and effect, a logic that was written into existence in the first stage of creation.

Conscious Levels of Causality

Science is moving closer to consider thought having a force. We can see this in many of the technological advances that deal with Neurology. Brainwaves are being used to move Chance is merely cause not yet recognized. Prosthetic arms and in the near future this technology will become way more advanced.

Consciousness lies outside of what we consider thought. It is a force that can exist in many planes, however we are not cognizant of it for our minds are only connected to the earth plane or our current plane of cause.

Consciousness in my opinion has the ability to even transcend time, so this being said it may very well be possible for us to effect something in the past or the future to effect some thing in our present.

We can not leave our lives to chance for chance does not exist. We must be deliberate in our actions and choices. We abide by laws of the universe however we have the ability always to manipulate said laws, by following higher laws. Be the Cause to your own effect!

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