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8 Ways to Get Rid of Bad Karma

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The Definition of Karma has commonly come to mean the actions that a person has done in the past that circles back to happen to him or her in the present or future. In the  Hindu religion it is the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

We do things in life that fuels the flame for karma to come back in our lives to haunt us. However the best way of dealing with karma is being aware of the signs and reflect on your life to deal with karma so that it will not keep coming up in your life.

1. Recognizing Karma

recognizing Karma

The hardest part of dealing with karma yet the most important is being able to recognize it in the beginning.
So many people have things happen to them on a regular basis over and over again. “Why does this keep happening to me, why do I keep meeting guys like this, why do people keep doing this to me?”
It could be very likely that you are stuck in an ongoing cycle that is a result of bad Karma. Most of us will rack it up to chance or the fact that we are a magnet for bad luck or jerks.

Remember at the end of the day you can redirect the issues in your life by recognizing karma. This may take some soul searching and some past life regression or maybe just past year regression. But if you think back you may find that you have done the exact same thing to someone else.

Its not the metaphysical; treating people a certain way builds up certain characteristics in ourselves and you tend to be attracted to people with like characteristics and you may not even realize it.

Once you recognize the Karmic relationship that you have to your reoccurring events you can move forward to help alleviate the problems. And it is best to deal with it in this world than to have it come back to you in the next.

2. Practice the golden rule

Remember this? Your parents telling you to practice the golden rule? Basically treating others as you want to be treated. If you are walking through life treating people ill, disrespecting them, lying and being an all out jerk, that is a sure fire way to get that to come back to you. Most people who dish out misery are miserable inside themselves.

If you never commit a crime in the first place then you won’t have to pay for it, because the best way to be is to be proactive. Begin treating people as you want to be treated, eventually you will clear up any regret in yourself, become a better person and then attract people that are like yourself.

3. Speak good words

This is very important, there was a quote by Prophet Muhammad; one of his people asked him what is the best way to stay out of the hell fire? The Prophet Muhammad, held his tongue with his 2 fingers. Basically saying watch your tongue when speaking of people.

Words are very powerful not just on the human ego but on what we would consider non-living entities as well. Check out Masaru Emoto’s study of how water crystals behave with conflicting forms of words, music and sound.

Speaking ill of someone or to someone is the best way to have those words come back to you in the future. Speaking good words also helps your throat chakra and shines light on those around you. Has someone ever said something bad about you? Good About you? How does that make you feel, spread it around and it will come back to you I promise.

4. Get rid of Ego

Ego is one of the biggest problems with living a higher vibration lifestyle. We tend to believe that we can out wit the divine consciousness of the creator. That is all of the laws and rules that come with it on a scientific and spiritual level.

When we defy this we are saying to the universe that we don’t care about you universe, we let our “worldly human” nature take over. That is the nature of self and the actions of selfishness. The Ego is strong yet illusive. If we allow ourselves to let ego take over then we become stubborn and make mistakes that effect our souls and ourselves as well as the world around us.

Ego will tell you that you don’t have anything to worry about when doing bad things to people. It leads to not caring for humans and believing that all you have to get away from your bad actions and yourself is to leave the situation that 9 times out of 10 you have caused.

Karma is not attached to a situation or another person, it is attached to your eternal soul. So by leaving a situation incomplete and wholesomely unresolved you are telling the universe to put this in your spiritual suitcase and take it with me. It will follow you but there are ways to deal with it even after that event has passed.

5. Don’t repeat the actions that got you there

Part of letting go of ego is also understanding that you were wrong, understanding that you were wrong allows us to learn from our mistakes and not continue them again.
However in a spiritual since of things not every scenario can look the same. And spiritual cycles and traps are harder to break than most corporeal actions.

Understanding this you have a better chance of not having this karmic event rack up points against you, and can begin to work on the past events that have brought you into this karmic downward spiral.

6. Ask for forgiveness

It’s almost like a magic spell.

You wouldn’t believe how powerful asking for and returning forgiveness is in the spiritual world when combating bad karma. Sometimes by asking for forgiveness from someone we almost erase that karmic action completely.

Asking for forgiveness is probably harder than not repeating the action because we have to go back to someone and admit that we were wrong. They may not have to accept our apology but we still have put ourselves in a good place to clear up any emotional luggage, regret or psychic past issues that we may be carrying with us. And all of these issues are the very things that Karma attaches itself to.

Forgiving others from the past as hard as it may be is even more powerful. Think of how much energy it takes to do this. You can probably rack up some Good Karma Kredit by actually forgiving someone, plus it lifts a huge burden off of your chest.

Ask the universe for forgiveness as well, because that is where it all happens. By repenting we are telling the universe that we went against its divine nature and that we are conscious of this in ourselves and others and we ourselves have to be a light to not do this again and keep your promise to the creator that you will change.

7. Seek teaching and learn

There are a lot of religious, spiritual, psychological gurus and resources out there that will add value to your life. You can seek out a spiritual adviser or even a hypnotist. Whereas a spiritual adviser may give you the answer on what you have to do to fix the problem, a hypnotist may be able to shed light on the root of the problem in the first place.

Spiritual Advisor

8. Change inwardly

Changing how you view things in the world as well as changing your spiritual make up will always help. It is not just a Karma thing but a life change as well.

Once you change the so called bad things in your life and redirect them to the good, you will realize that you will begin to get better more fruitful and enriching things out of it.

Make your self in the shape of the world you would like to contain.

That means if you want good in your life and you want people in your life to be good, well you obviously have to change yourself into a good person. Surround yourself with good people. because we tend to become the company that we keep. You have reached a higher self and still have to realize that sometimes we have to do away with that or those that do not serve our higher selves.


Let me know what you think about Karma. Leave a comment below and I will respond!


  • Nate

    I do not know if it works this way, but I generally have really bad luck/karma and after seeing my worst 8th grade bully I asked if I could say sorry for being mean back, and he literally said no, but I still have terrible karma, does this mean I need to fix a problem from my ancestor/past life?

    • boaz

      Hey sorry for the late response. But saying sorry to a bully in the past is not going to change all of your bad luck. And if he was the bully then
      that has no baring on your bad luck. The Karma goes to him if he was the mean person. I think that’s how I am understanding this.
      But Karma is connected to something else similar that you have done mean or bad to another person or thing. So if you were the bully but now you are getting bully then karma is getting you back.

  • Gail

    I have always lead my life in helping others and reaching out to those who may need help, from homeless folks to drug addicts to elderly. Until my son passed away from a drug overdose. Once he passed, everything changed, which in itself is normal, but my karma changed too. I still try to help others but for some reason I am not being heard. No matter what I do things keep getting worse. I lost my apartment, lost all my friends, lost one of my dearest friends (suicide), and am on the verge of losing my job. I have tried and tried to get things back to a somewhat normal state for me but nothing is working. Can you give me any insight ? Please ?

    • boaz

      Thank you for your response and question… I’m sorry to hear about your losses, it is always hard to loose people that are close to you. I think you are okay. What has happened to you is not Karma but the natural process of life. All of those things that you have done to help other people also helped you (perhaps) deal with the loss of your son. I to have lost people, young and old alike and ironically some within days of writing this response. Their death had nothing to do with my Karma, I have no control over “that”, it was their path. I feel that when talking about Karma we have to understand the confines of it. Karma may not come right away, it could be in this life or in the next life as I explained in the article. And as far as you loosing everything…. trust me I have been there, Homeless for a year with 2 kids… wasn’t pretty. I had to find strength and realize that everything was as it should be, and it was up to me to change paths. And trust me it was F’n difficult. To this day I don’t know how I made it out sane. But my kids are happy I am happy and doing well. I look back now and look at all the things that I lost, as just “things”, and started to realize that death is not an end only a transition. Even though I don’t know you, I sooo believe in you as a strong being after all you have been through. When you have nothing left to loose, you have everything left to gain.

  • Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long as
    I provide credit and sources back to your website? My blog site is in the very same niche as yours
    and my users would truly benefit from some of the information you provide here.
    Please let me know if this okay with you. Thanks a lot!

  • Cris

    I have been looking for a job since more than one year. I have done everything I can to improve my CV, my mindset, etc. etc. I have met an astrologist, and some other kind of spiritual. Both told me I have karma from past generations, and that I have to express and forgive them. All women in my family, from my mother’s side were housewives, and although I am a pretty good housewife, I want to take another path and work outside home. I am desperate to move forward. I started therapy as well. It has been a very long and frustrating process, and I definitely believe in energies, and I am willing to do anything to forgive and follow the path I want. But to forgive hasn’t taken me anywhere, here I am more than one year later, still at the same position. What would you say I am missing?

    • boaz

      First of all I want to say that the wise-man knows that he knows nothing at all. So I will preface to say that take any of my information as a guide to help in furthering your path of wisdom.
      So I believe that you have done a great job in forgiving your family. However I think it goes beyond this, in the fact that perhaps the karma is being brought on about how you are treating yourself. You can forgive yourself as well for not following and pursuing your dreams. So when forgiving always make sure that you forgive yourself first and be comfortable with your process of growth. At the end of the day, you feel unhappy that you may or may not be going on your path. You are one step from succeeding. But I don’t believe that all is spiritual, sometimes you have to do the work as well. PS… You are part of your past generations, all is connected and time does not exist. So remember to forgive and ask for forgiveness from yourself.

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