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5 Symptoms of Being Psychic

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The Symptoms of being psychic stem from many different places. If you have been a psychic for the better part of your life, then you probably already know how to deal with your psychic abilities and have come to terms with them. However those of us who have gone or are going through a spiritual awakening are gaining new “powers” that are raising our vibrations and allowing us the ability to heal and help others.

Being psychic is not the most painless ability one can have. There are certain side effects that come with this. Psychics, light workers, chakra healers and even masseuses have complained about taking on the energy of the people that they are working on. This transference of energy is something that is carried with the healer for days and sometimes years if the energy was just that over-bearing and you don’t know how to transfuse it.

Here are 5 symptoms of being psychic and ways that you may be able to help elevate the transference of energy.

1. Psychic Upper Back and Neck Pains

Many psychics complain of back and neck pains. The neck area, more specifically the back of the neck is one of the many places on our body that is a doorway. Just as things can be released from that door it can also enter. Most of our day to day lives can be spent with that door being partially closed or shut completely. However in the case of psychics, when you are responsive and sensitive to others emotions and psychic energy that door is open (all the time), you tend to take on that energy.

As for the shoulders, they are a weight bearing part of our body, and they just don’t carry our heads but also thoughts and psychic energy. So if you are around people who are gossiping, speaking ill of one another or dealing with others anger and negative energy issues, you ingest that energy and hold it in the same place they do. This is especially problematic when you are using your gift to help and heal others.

Suggestions: The throat area deals with the throat chakra of course. It may be time to seek a Rikki, light or Chakra healer. Also, if you are against conventional medicine you may want to meet half way and seek the help of a CranioSacral therapist, make sure they are professional with RCST or BCST after their names.

2. Nausea or stomach aches

This is more common through the energy that a psychic or empath receives from others. The symptom happen do to a psychic attack. The attack can be purposeful or the psychic can merely step into a place with someone with strong negative energy and get hit. Many empathic masseuses also complain about getting stomach cramps when doing work on clients. The more that you are in physical contact with people as a healer to alleviate physical or spiritual pain, the more sensitive you become to these effects.

On a personal note on one of my drives as a Lyft driver. I picked up 2 women one of them happened to be an empathic professional light healer. No more than 5 minutes in the ride she became sick, she immediately knew what it was and asked me if I was holding on to, as she put it, “some really shitty energy”. At the time I was in the middle of a very toxic relationship. I said “yes”. And she immediately told me to get rid of it, let it go because it is wrong and making her sick.

Suggestions: Understanding of energy grids around your body or psychic shields; Chrystal work and light work can help protect you from psychic attacks. Simple healing meditation is a great way to help alleviate the symptoms, whereas Markaba meditation can help protect you, by surrounding yourself with white light and creating an energy grid.

3. Anxiety

Another one of the symptoms of being psychic is anxiety or very high stress levels without any real reasons. Some metaphysical reasons of anxiety could be do to spiritual growth for those of us who are having a spiritual awakening or reawakening. In those who have already obtained the gift, this comes from a flood of psychic energy, not necessarily from people but whatever cosmic, spiritual or earthbound energy decides to reach through to you. This type of anxiety comes very sudden to a psychic and can be a mild tension to as debilitating as a migraine which can drop you.

Suggestions: Most who have this, found that just accepting it helps out a lot. Grounding oneself through meditation and prayer also helps. Kundalini healing has helped as well as it works on the spinal area and all of the chakras to create an even flow of energy and balance.

4. Seeing Spirits

symptoms of psychics seeing spirits

As far fetch as it is to some of you reading and trying to understand this for the first time, many psychics claim to see spirits and shadows. This because one is on a different vibration than the rest of the lived world. There has been a lot of discussion out there about seeing or traveling to other dimensions, whether it be spiritual entities or not the “claims” are at least real. Many frequencies have a physiological effect on our bodies and minds. You may have heard about binaural frequencies. If you’re interested in this research them, also research ghost frequencies. There are groups of people revered in Asia for their abilities to seek out and speak to spirits. However the symptoms of being psychic that we spoke of in this article are way more over powering and draining for those who actually see spirits.

Suggestions: If the entities are truly spiritual in nature then pray or say a mantra that will help the spirits go away. If the spirits are harmless you may have to just live with them and understand which are helpful and which are harmful.

5. Dehydration

This is common in all of us, however mostly from our climate our activity level and what we eat. Sometimes psychics use so much energy that it starts to become physical, not much but just enough over a long period time to make the body expel and use up H2O.

Suggestion: This one is very simple, listen to mom and drink plenty of water.


If you have any of these symptoms of being psychic, you’re definitely not alone. Don’t be afraid to seek help. There are more professionals out there that are starting to understand the effects of spirit on the corporeal realm. And always remember your breath.

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