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22 Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

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A Spiritual Awakening is happening all around us and even if you are a skeptic, the fact is that it is happening. You can do your own google search and see how many people are writing and commenting on post regarding enlightenment or awakening.

The earth itself is going though it’s own awakening as well, and we as a collective are right on top of it. As mentioned in the blog What is a Spiritual Awakening?
An explanation into enlightenment, to go through a spiritual awakening is no easy task and it will always be darker before the dawn. For us to see, understand and go into the light we must first understand the dark. The earth is going through many catastrophic events, almost a purging. Humanity seems as if it’s at the brink of destruction and you yourself may very well be going through trials and tribulations that you have never experienced before. It is all part of the process and how you deal with it will help you enter into higher consciousness ready. So here are the top 22 signs of a spiritual awakening.


1. Going Through Hard Times During a Spiritual Awakening

Things are happening in your life that you have never really experienced before. Yes you may have had a difficult childhood or a bad breakup  at one point in your early life. But this is different and much harsher. Everything seems to be piling up, bills, work issues, loss of loved ones, a toxic relationship and they seem to be happening all at once.

As we said before it is always darkest before the dawn and this is your strength training to get you ready for your new understanding about yourself and the world around you.

Solutions: Try stepping back and working on self, understand that regardless of what is around you you somehow created the reality that you are in. Make sure to recognize the choices in your life and see whether or not they serve you.

2. A change in your belief system

If you are religious or not your belief system will come into question.But understand that all truths are a path to oneness or the Creator.

You will dive deeper into your own personal belief system. Your morals, values and ethics may be going through a test right now and have been for some time. Remember most of the gurus and prophets had tough times with their own ethics but they were strong in their beliefs. This is what got you to where you are.

You may see others who seem successful in their life, money, relationships, career and stuff. But these are only worldly things. What’s true is contentment, the love between partners, purpose and connection with the oneness.

Solution: Your friends around you may be egging you on to go against your belief system. Remember you are strong and you have a goal. Do not take on their (immoral) actions because of a perceived perception. They are taking shortcuts and the true blessings are in the journey. Take a break from Instagram for a bit if you feel InstaEnvy, that is you want what they have in that little 4″ by 5″ photo.

3. Recognizing Karma

Not only will you see your past coming back to haunt you are bless you. But you will also see others’ Karma effecting their lives.

You will be able to recognize your actions in the world and how they play a pivotal roll in the spiritual world. Karma will almost become like a neighbor who comes over to borrow a cup of sugar or come over and bring you cookies on the holidays. Or you can be that neighbor that has loud parties and the neighbor calls the cops on you. Either way it will become a real thing.

Solution: Embrace it. Yes you may have done not so good things in the past and it is coming back to haunt you. But it shouldn’t hurt that much if you expect it and recognize it. Also, this is your chance to make mends, forgive and ask for forgiveness so that this does not carry over to your next life. Start working on your Karma credit by doing good and the bad stuff will eventually fall away and be replaced by goodies.

4. Less desire for things and more desire for happiness

You will begin to see material objects differently. A car will just be a means to get you from point A to point B. A really nice car will just be a more comfortable way to get to that place. Shopping sprees are great however when you are more spiritually conscious, you will soon become content on what you have.

Happiness will seem fleeting and always out of reach, but you will eventually find happiness in your true contentment.

Solutions: Clear out the clutter see how much you can do without. The less in your life the less you have to worry about.

“The things that we own end up owning us” ~ Tyler Durden – Fight Club

5. Seeing Angel Numbers

This one is an interesting one and many of the people who are going through a spiritual awakening, claim that they have been seeing numbers repeated over and over. They will see them on clocks, on license plates, addresses or anywhere.

These numbers are commonly known as Angel Numbers. Angel numbers are clues that some believe are angelic signs that you are on a particular path or an internal sign from ones own soul becoming more connected. Some of the common numbers are 222, 444, 1111, 69 and there are others as well. They will keep appearing as you move forward  in your awakening

Solutions: Learn more about what these numbers mean. They will not tell you your future but they will let you know that you are on the right path or if there is something missing in your life.

7. Out With The Old In With The New

You have companions, coworkers, friends, family and significant others in your life right now that may not be the best for you. There will come a period in this whole spiritual awakening when you will have to let those go who do not serve you or who is keeping you from being your higher self.

This is a natural progression of things. And as you move forward you will realize that these people will be replaced by other like minded more supportive people. You don’t have to be mean to those that don’t work well with you, but will notice an emotional distance which will hurt at first.

Solution: Put yourself out there. Go to different places that interest you, or show up at a coffee shop at a different time. Allow yourself to meet new people most likely they will be people that you are now drawn to.

Getting away from people who do not serve you is the hardest, so make an effort to first disconnect them from your spirit. Mantra it out: “This person no longer serves me, so I am cutting all emotional and past relations with them I forgive them and ask for their forgiveness.”

8. Searching For Inspiration

You are now looking for something different to inspire you in ways that you never have been before. But there is a catch. Since you are not completely aware that you are going through a spiritual awakening you don’t exactly know what it is that you want to inspire you.

Right now the Monkey Mind is all over the place and you are jumping around from place to place trying to find inspiration. This is very normal as the right side of your brain that which is the creative side has been reawakened and is hungry. This side of the brain is also the side for inspiration and inspiration is what brought us from hunter gatherers to where we are today.

Solution: keep looking and searching but this is a good time to start meditating to quiet the monkey mind.

9. An Increase in Creativity

Now that you have focused and gotten rid of the monkey mind you can now focus on your creative abilities. Creativity isn’t just being able to create a piece of art or play  an instrument from the heart. Creativity is the ability come up with new ideas and interesting concepts in any line of work that you are in. One day you may have an Aha moment on how to analyze that solution in your spectral analyzer

Solution: Keep it up it’s your passion and purpose.

10. Desire to BE in Solitude with Nature

The noise of life is getting to you right now, all of the chatter, menial conversations, small talk, bills, city noises and air quality is not good for you. So you will look for the solace of nature. Nature is the purist form that we have of the representation of God’s beauty and work and it brings us closer to the understanding of the connection that we have with everything.

Solution: If you can’t go out, then walk around the block, sit by a tree. If even that is difficult then get plants or a pet. Many people who are of higher consciousness connect very well with animals and children.

11. A Connection or Re-connection with Creator

Have you forgotten God or the Creator? Became angry with them or disillusioned that there even is a creator? Probably. But you were in a different place then. The realization that there is a divine orchestration to all of this now makes sense. And it becomes a lot easier to connect with that.

Solution: No real solution here just a suggestio. Every religion is a path to oneness no matter what path you are on you can still connect with a creator just remember it’s just you and them>

12. You Become More Conscious of Your Diet

Many conscious people speak of veganism. When your mind starts to become healthier it encourages your body to do the same. Respectively that which we eat plays a very serious role in our thoughts. There is a gland in our brain called the pineal gland. This gland was referred to as the spirit gland and most believe that it was a way in which we communicated on a telepathic level, amongst other things. However over a course of time it became calcified and rendered almost useless

Solution: Eating the right fruits and vegetables can help decalcify this gland. Make sure you take it slow and work with a diet that works for you.

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13. Synchronicity Isn’t Just a Strange Word But a Happening

The term synchronicity is coined by Carl Jung to express a concept that belongs to him: the acausal connection of two or more psychic and physical phenomena.

This word has also been associated with the law of attraction and manifestation, but is a little different in the way Jung explains it. It is thinking something before it happens, showing up in the same place as another friend that you were just thinking about or having the same thought as someone else.

You will get manifestation as well, asking for something that you would like will start to happen.

Solutions: Be careful with your thoughts and what you want. for example a negative thought can be more easily manifested than a positive one. We are just big worriers. So instead of thikning that something bad is going to happen simply think about and prepare for the good.

14. Elevated Levels of Awareness

This isn’t necessarily a spiritual idea but more of a cognitive understanding. You will become more aware of the things around you. At times you will be aggravated or upset by some of the people and their day to day going ons. This will play an important part in your spiritual development. Because in tern you will become more aware of yourself, your consciousness and how these two things effect the world around you.

Solution: use your skill to make better decisions. Remember to live in the now and that opportunity is right around the corner you just have to be aware and move on it.

15. Oneness or Connectedness

Your mind will be forced to connect the dots, understanding how everything is connected is one of the basic concepts of the spiritual awakening. You will look at a piece of paper and see a cloud. That is, without a cloud there is no rain, without the rain there is no tree and without a tree there is no paper. See what I am getting at?

You will also see how you are connected with everything. The fact that you have a bigger purpose and without you there can be no we or them.

Solution: Begin expanding your oneness and connection to the universe and God. This will make problems seem small and easier to handle.  As is above so is below and your spirtual awakening is above and below.

16. Your Circadian Clock Changes – Different Sleep Patterns

Your mind is in a state of walking meditation, worry or monkey mind. With these three things going on and all of the chatter it is hard to get a good night sleep. Or you may wake up at 4 in the monring after falling asleep at 9pm.

Solution: Lack of sleep isn’t the worse thing in the world. You can actually spend time meditating 20 minutes a day which will rest your body and those lost hours of sleep no more matter. The meditation will also help with the worry and monkey mind.

17. Your Emotions Will Go Through Extremes

Right now you probably have a ball of emotion in your chest reading this post. Trust me I have a basketball sized emotion in my chest. You will feel anger, sadness, despair, panic, and on the other side sometimes extreme bouts of happiness and joy especially when you figure out your path.

Solution: remember that your emotions guide your day. You are not always going to be a happy go lucky positive person and the anger in your heart is trapped energy. Is there anyone that you have to forgive or ask for forgiveness from? Is there something that needs to be done. Perhaps you saw something in someone else that you share the same idiosyncrasy. Then start forgiving and get to work and use that anger and all of your emotions as passion.

18. Your Home or Environment Feels Different

Going home was a joy at one point, now it just feels different. The energy just doesn’t feel the same and you feel trapped in walls of negative energy. There could have been or still is someone there who does not work well with you and has a lot of negative luggage. Or your creative mind just needs something a little bit different in your life. It can be rough when home just doesn’t feel like home any more.

Solution: Your first job should be to change the space, clear it out getting rid of things you no longer need. You now have a clean space to use whatever creative skills to redecorate. Also burning incense, sage and even frankincense can help get rid of negative energy. If you haven’t gotten into crystals yet, you probably will. Invest in a few citrus crystals and keep them in your pocket or under your pillow.

19. Change in Purpose

Besides a career change one of your biggest trepidation is a change in purpose. You may have been an accountant but now feel strongly driven to work with youth, save the environment or drive Lyft to meet new people. Whatever it be, your purpose has become more defined and becomes this palpable knot in the pit of your stomach. That is purpose.

Solution: Before you quit your job give yourself time to research and know that this is a true feeling. You may want to work on the side for free and see if this is something that you want. Our purposes change every day and just be aware that this is something that you want to do for a while.

20. Everything About The World Comes Into Question

Nothing is what it seems. You begin questioning school education, politics and government in general, people’s involvement in religion and everything. But it’s much bigger than why did the president decide to cut taxes for the rich. You start to question if government is really even necessary or what is man’s true origin.

Solution: Keep seeking knowledge it is the one think that will set you free. The more you continue to want to learn the more you will learn and get closer to the divine truths.

21. You will begin noticing patterns and cycles

How long was your slump before you came into your spiritual awakening? Was it 7 years? Can you go back to 7 years prior to that and notice a dramatic life change? It is very possible that this is not the first time that this has happened to you. The universe goes through its cycles, the earth goes through its cycle and as we are connected to all of this we to go through cycles, not just physiological cycles but spiritual and mental cycles as well. It is all part of purging and growing, just as a forest fire burns down old trees to allow the new ones to grow.

Solution: Look back to understand these cycles. See what you did to get you in that situation. If you have had problems finding a mate , then it is most likely something in you that needs to change. If you go into a cycle unprepared it can be detrimental and you’ll feel as if you are taking steps back. Remember doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

22. Realization That The Soul Is Real and Boundless

This is when you’ve gone through everything you can and realize that everything is exactly as it should be. Things seem more connected. Your conscious seems to line up with how things are really supposed to be. You deep down inside know that there is more out there and that this isn’t it. This is where you will be able to manifest the things that you want things that make you content no truly begin your purpose.

Solution: There is always a solutionEarths Spiritual awakening22 signs of a spiritual awakening

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