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10 Ways to Positive Thinking

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Positivity is one of the best choices to make in any situation. Positive thinking and balanced emotions will help you through difficult times and set your mind at ease when you feel the world crumbling around you. Being mindful of your thinking and emotions will help to understand the negative things that come into your life and also help you attract more outside positive in your life. Here are 10 ways in which you can be more positive and attract more of that into your life.


Be Grateful for the things in your life

Being grateful allows you to see the good in your life and understand that not everything is so doom and gloom. You may be reading this and thinking that, “I just lost my lover, my job, my home and other things”, but at the least be thankful for the air in your lungs and the head on your shoulders. There was a time when I lived in a van for about 6 months with no one around and I found it to be truly inspirational, when I thought how grateful I was just to have this van. Life became better. And I look back on those days and say “wow that was a situation!” but It too passed.

Be grateful of the friends you have had, the friends you have now, the lessons you have learned, the challenges you have faced, past loves, present loves, the pillow under your head… There are many, the point is find something that you are truly grateful for.

The best time to be grateful and thankful is in the morning just as you are waking up.

Wake up early in the morning

This is the best place to be. It’s quiet, none of the stressors are around that would usually take you off your stride. There is also an energy in the morning that comes from the sun as it makes it’s path around the earth. It is your time to shine as well.

Most successful people wake up in the morning and do a few things before they go to work. Study, meditate, workout and contemplate how amazing the day will be just as long as you are thinking positive and doing the work.

This is a time for you to think, contemplate, meditate, pray and think about the day ahead. Solve problems of the day before they arise. Put yourself in a positive mindset before the day even starts and realize that you had another chance to start things all over again.

Find your Morning ritual

You ever notice how women take a while to get ready? That’s a beautiful thing. We should all be so lucky to wake up in the morning and execute self care. Making ones appearance to show the beauty of oneself is a form of positivity, gratefulness and inspires self confident.

As a male I usually take about 20 minutes to get ready in the morning. But I noticed when I do just a bit more, it boosts my confidence levels. Go into work or into the day and see peoples reactions to you when you look fetch or you smell like a million bucks. It’s not materialistic at all, you are taking care of the body that you have been given and showing appreciation to that which has given it to you.

This is a lesson that I got from my dad, “Son, no matter what always stay clean and look good, even if you’re doing work in the back yard”. Thanks dad!

Eat well

foods for positive thinking We won’t go into all the details about eating well, but the foods that you put in your body not only has a physical effect on the body but also a psychological and spiritual effect as well. I won’t lecture you on eating meet but if you do, make sure that it is a good product, organic, free range and is as fresh as could possibly be. Dead meat causes many issues and could be harming your development. But again I won’t lecture you.

If you really want to challenge your self try a plant based diet. Plants are easier to digest, their vibrations are lower and help to “ground you”. The plants are easier to digest and help to increase cellular development as well as certain glands in the body. Think of being able to poo regularly, that’s positive right? Staying away from heavy foods makes us lighter and our system stays balance. An unbalanced system means an unbalanced you.

Best foods to eat for positivity are red fruits and veggies like grapes, pomegranates, carrots, red kale and strawberries.


bob marley positive vibes

Bob Marley use to wake up and before he started the day he would “lively up himself” play soccer or go for a run. The body secrets several feel good chemicals when you exercise; adrenaline and other endorphins. Also, in men it increases testosterone for an all out feel good confidence booster.

Some time during the day go out and play a sport with friends energy that comes from the team will also help you. If you are not very active then start small. It all starts with one push-up, sit-up or jumping jack. You will get there!

Be with positive people

Even though we are mostly talking about self, we can not underestimate the importance of changing your circle up for positive thinking . You don’t have to really cut anyone off but you should fill your social circle with positive like minded thinking people. Continuously hanging around with negative people and negative energy will soon effect you and like they say “you become your friends”.

Just sitting with those who emanate positivity, love and compassion will change your own rhythm and pretty soon, people will gravitate to you for that energy as you begin your positive thinking journey.

Forgive and ask for forgiveness deeply

This one is deep, because it deals with emotional and spiritual baggage that we carry with us. This baggage that we carry with us causes us to live in an unconscious state of negativity. When we do things to people it comes with an equal reaction usually known as Karma, by asking for forgiveness even if we just ask the universe for that forgiveness we have the ability to lift this karma and lift some of the bad vibes that comes with it.

To er is human to forgive is Godly. Remember this saying? Well its absolutely true. It is so hard to forgive other people sometimes because of what they have done to us. Remember you have to rise above the bad and negative energy, and going outside of your ego and forgiving is one true way of doing this. You don’t have to forget for it is a lesson that you will carry on, but to live with being able to forgive will allow you to release the chain of the negative past.

Fill your mind with positive thoughts

Positive thinking has it’s practices and follows certain laws. All things have a polarity, light and dark, black and white as does good and bad. You can not have a void in this polarity, as in  light and dark, there is no place where light ends and darkness begins it is a gradual force. So let’s take this analogy, if you want there to be light in a room, you can’t sweep or push the darkness out. You have to let light in.

This is the same with your mind. You will never be able to just turn off the negativity and have nothing there. So the best way and only way to do this is by filling your mind with positive thoughts. One is by being grateful! Some other things that you can fill your mind with, is the idea of the better version of you, that time your son put a sandwich in his pocket because if he put it in his shoe it will smell like feet and you laughed or that time that one super groovy chick or super hip dude made you feel like a million bucks, just don’t regret.

You’re getting there, this is the first step to manifestation or transmutation as well.

Do something that you’ve always wanted to do or that made you happy

capoiera positive exercise Now that you are practicing transmutation, it will be easier to go out and do things that you love. I like capoiera and water sports, so I got back into Jinga and surfing and would love to do some deep sea diving. I love the ocean it brings me joy and energy. It’s the Pisces in me.

Now you choose what it is that you want to do, draw, write make music, find a corporate job if that so much floats your boat. Things will be easier and more enjoyable now that you’ve changed your thinking pattern.

Help others through selfless acts of kindness

Good on you, you just gave that guy a sandwich! That’s coming back to you, Karma works both ways, remember every action has an opposite reaction. Besides the good feelings, you are doing something for your soul. So go out and give that guy that’s standing on the off-ramp of the freeway a dollar, a cup of coffee, a recyclable or even a joint (if your state allows that). You never know when that will be returned.

AND most important of all Be Somebody! Spread love, peace and light!


I hope this helps your positive thinking and if you have anything to say I would love to hear about it. Just leave a comment down below even better sign up to this site. I’ll answer you!

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